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The Weight Loss Mindset

The Weight Loss Mindset

Hypnotize yourself thin!

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The Weight Loss Mindset is a program that helps you lose weight through the power of hypnosis. The Weight Loss Mindset actually focuses on the mental part of losing weight, which many other programs neglect. Research actually shows that hypnosis can be very helpful in reaching a number of goals including weight loss. The program is supposed to help you make better diet and exercise decisions over a period of time which will lead to weight loss.

The program was created by Dr. Randy A. Gilchrist who is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified hypnotherapist. One major advantage to the Weight Loss Mindset is that the creator actually used hypnosis to overcome his problems with being overweight. Dr. Gilchrist suggests that diet and exercise alone don’t work because they ignore the psychological elements that you need like motivation and commitment. With the Weight Loss Mindset program you’ll receive eight full length hypnosis sessions on four CDs.

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  • Deals with the psychological aspect of losing weight
  • Creator has actually used the program to lose weight
  • Hypnosis proven to help in weight loss
  • No pills to take or prepackaged foods to eat
  • Cost of program comparable to the cost of one live hypnosis session
  • Creator is licensed hypnotherapist
  • Several successful testimonials
  • Traditionally, live hypnosis sessions are best
  • No money-back guarantee

This program is used in addition to whatever diet you might be on. The Weight Loss Mindset addresses the mental issues you might have with food cravings, and helps you stay motivated and make better choices.


There are multiple hypnosis sessions included in the program that deal with exercise. Dr. Gilchrist addresses various challenges with exercise including if you are someone that doesn’t like to exercise.


There are various hypnosis programs on the market that deal with losing weight. Many people do find that by having their psychological needs met and addressed, they are equipped to tackle their weight problems head on. Most diets provide you with the information and materials to stick with the diet, but they don’t address the emotional issues that might have led you to gain weight in the first place.

The Weight Loss Mindset is a program that covers those issues. There aren’t many programs available where the main success story is also the person that created the program. By seeing Dr. Gilchrist’s success, consumers can be assured that hypnosis can help them too.

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Janice Jones

The Weight Loss Mindset ap is highly effective in helping my motivation and visualization as a part of my weight loss program. I was skeptical about hypnosis, especially on my own, but the relaxation techniques put me into a completely relaxed state, while still in control. The soothing voice helps me become completely immersed in the messages. Using it at the end of a stressful day helps give me a mental reset, and renewed motivation. I would recommend this ap to anyone struggling to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle.

posted Mar 15th, 2018 10:03 pm

Randy Gilchrist

Actually, my price is stated clearly on my order page.

posted Dec 9th, 2011 6:28 am


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