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Thrive Fitness

Thrive Fitness

A fitness program for vegans.

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If you believe that a vegan and raw food lifestyle builds only a weak and undernourished body, think again. Vegan, professional Ironman triathlete, and author of The Thrive Diet Brendan Brazier shows you how to workout for maximum results in minimal time with Thrive Fitness, a comprehensive fitness book that features a workout plan that can be tailored to any ability level.

With a six-week plan that rotates workouts daily, an exercise log and clear instructions and illustrations, Thrive Fitness will help you transform your current physique into a lean, fat-burning machine. You will also learn how to eat in order to fuel not just your workouts but your lifestyle as well.

Don't think you need to love veggie burgers in order to follow this fitness plan. Thrive Fitness is a flexible program that can be adapted to any eating style or fitness level. All you need is a willingness to commit to the program and follow through with the plan.

Thrive Fitness is a follow up to Brazier's first publication, Thrive and the [Thrive in 30(https://www.dietsinreview.com/diets/thrive-in-30/ "Thrive in 30") vegan challenge.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2024?

  • Vegan lifestyle has been gaining recognition by the medical and health community as a way to lose weight, improve health and stave off many weight-related health conditions
  • Diet is very environmentally-friendly
  • Promotes a super nutritious eating plan full of fresh vegetables, plant-based proteins and healthy fats
  • Dispels myth that athletes must also be carnivores
  • Can be followed by athletes and non athletes
  • Written by an inspirational and celebrated athlete and vegan
  • Vegan lifestyle can be challenging
  • Not eating animal or dairy products may be met with resistance
  • Not a calorie-counting diet
  • Recipes include specialized ingredients that may hard to find depending upon your access to a health food store

The eating plan is a vegan diet, which avoids all animal products including meat, fish, milk, eggs, butter and other foods that contain dairy.

Sample menu plans, shopping lists and a guide to vegan products are also included.

A sample day for someone following a regular workout routine is as follows:

  • Pre-workout snack: Whole Food Energy Bar (recipe given)
  • Post workout snack: Whole Foods Smoothie (recipe given)
  • Late morning snack: Fruit
  • Lunch: Collard Greens Buckwheat Wrap
  • Mid-afternoon snack: Whole Food Smoothie
  • Dinner: Big salad of mixed greens, grated carrots and a salad dressing of your choice
  • Evening snack: Raw almonds or pumpkin seeds

Recipes include:

  • Classic lemon lime sport drink made with Medjool dates, coconut water, coconut oil, lemon and lime juice and salt.
  • Papaya-ginger smoothie: yerba mate and green tea, dates, fresh papaya, coconut oil, hemp protein, salba, sprouted buckwheat, ginger and lemon and lime juice.
  • Coconut lime curry chickpea stir-fry
  • Pumpkin seed pesto
  • Frozen chocolate brittle

Thrive Fitness is a 6-week plan that helps you sculpt lean muscle, burn fat, improve health and stamina and boost your energy. Each day includes a rotating workout plan that focuses on cardiovascular as well as strength training exercises. The step-by-step instructions flanked by clear illustrations are designed to reduce risk of injury and optimize your workout and end results.

You don't have to worry about clocking countless hours at the gym either as Thrive Fitness focuses on short but intense workouts that pack effectiveness in a small amount of time.

Thrive features a six-week workout plan that guides you from where you are to where you want to be. Included in the training plan are the fundamentals of a strong fitness plan (breathing, warming up, stretching and hydration).

Those who are new to a fitness plan should follow the Adaptation plan, which will serve as a launching pad into the Thrive Fitness Plan.

For those that have their own fitness plan already, simply implementing the diet will complement that. For those that are trying the diet and the exercise plan from the book, there are recommendations given.

Throughout the six weeks of the plan, you are instructed to run 30 minutes to 80 minutes four days a week, in addition to performing the resistance training exercises outlined and demonstrated in the book.

Tips on how to maintain your exercise schedule while traveling and how to stay injury-free are also included.


Thrive Fitness, written by vegan professional Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, outlines a 6-week fitness routine that is not only designed to help whip you into shape but also to improve your overall health, kick sugar cravings and boost mental acuity.

If you're short on time but serious about getting in shape, take a cue from this vegan and raw foodie who knows a thing or two about how to use natural foods as a way to enhance fitness performance through his time-efficient but focused fitness routine.

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