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Fine-tune your metabolism

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If you're a dieting by-the-book type, then this read might be worth your time. Ultra-Metabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss, written by Dr. Mark Hyman, introduces his Seven Keys to Weight Loss. Based on Dr. Hyman's findings, he has discovered the way in which food communicates with our genes. This breakthrough finding is known as "nutrigenomics." By following the seven keys in Ultra-Metabolism and understanding the Seven Weight Loss Myths, you could be on your way to a healthier life.

Dr. Hyman explains his program, and nutrigenomics, quite simply. Your body and everything in it, namely your genes, operate via the information you give them. Each piece of food you eat sends a message to your body and your genes. Unhealthy, fast food, greasy junk is definitely sending your body the wrong message. This is why we're overweight, exhausted, lacking energy and experiencing many other health problems. But when we start sending our bodies positive messages through healthful eating packed with nutrients, our bodies respond by improved health, more energy and a slimmer figure.

The Seven Keys to Weight Loss in the Ultra-Metabolism program are:

  1. Control Your Appetite
  2. Limit Stress
  3. Cool the Fire of Inflammation
  4. Prevent Rust or Oxidative Stress
  5. Turn Calories to Energy
  6. Fortify Your Thyroid
  7. Love Your Liver

Dr. Hyman also presents in Ultra-Metabolism Seven Weight Loss Myths. By understanding these and incorporating these principals, you'll have a well-rounded plan for success. Some of these include debunking myths like "No- or Low-Carb will make you thin," "Skipping meals helps you lose weight," and "Eating fat makes you fat."

In the book you'll find the information and direction you need to get a handle on managing your weight and health once and for all. Both the Ultra-Metabolism book and website come complete with many tools including recipes, tips on exercise and supplements and even doctors who are recommended to help with weight loss.

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  • Scientifically grounded information
  • Not a simple approach

The website offers recipes. There's also an Ultra-Metabolism cookbook.


Dr. Hyman proclaims you can exercise less than you think, and burn more calories. He goes into detail on his website.


Some customers have said they were disappointed that there was nothing new with Ultra-Metabolism. But, the ultimate test to any diet plan is if it works. While there are lots of rules here, the pan is backed by scientific research. So, if you follow it, you will lose weight. And that's what you here for, right?

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Is there any chance of someone doing this who is not a gourmet cook? ultrametabolism

posted Sep 16th, 2015 3:03 pm

Jerry Collins


This program completely eliminated all of the following chronic illnesses I have had for over 15 years: Heartburn/GERD/acid reflux, high cholesterol, acne, hives, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Insomnia. I always knew food caused some of my sicknesses, but now I know what foods make me miserable and I an now almost 40 years old and feel better than when I was in my 20s. I learned I was "Skinny Fat" ... event though I only weighed 170 pounds when I started this diet, my organs were functioning as if I was overweight. So no matter what weight you are, you must try this program to discover how unhealthy you are with the current foods you eat and learn how to reprogram your body to be healthy again.

posted Aug 27th, 2014 3:51 am

christian Tucker

My mother is diabetic and is n two types of insulin..what does she need to do to not have this insulin depencency??

posted Mar 23rd, 2012 8:36 pm



I've been following the Ultrametabolism diet for 2 months now and have been loosing 2 pounds per 10 days. I feel better than I have felt in years and as I understand why certain foods must be avoided, don't feel frustrated.
I am advocating this diet to all my friends and family here in France because the book has not been translated.

posted Sep 28th, 2011 4:46 am

R Gonzales


Works great--tried ultra simple first and lost 8 lbs in one week. Continued with UltraMetabolism and continued to lose 1-2 lbs. per week until 20 lbs down--yea!

posted Feb 13th, 2011 6:02 pm


This diet was recommended by friends in the medical field who had lost weight and were able to get off blood pressure meds from the diet. Within 2 weeks I felt better, my joint pain was gone and I had more energy. Have lost a total of 18 pounds over a year and have kept it off. This is not a fad diet, emphasizes fresh whole foods and balance. But it also explains that because of the additives in today's foods many of us have developed food "sensitivities" or allergies---and that is most helpful. We have a relative who has been a vegan who is going on the diet to discover if her tummyaches & headaches are food related. I recommend this to everyone I know!!

posted Dec 11th, 2010 10:45 am



I think Dr Hyman does present new info in that he does explain how all the different body systems all work together; the spider web with everything related. I've been on this for a little over 3 wks and have lost 12.5 and not been hungry. I've also noticed more energy. It does take planning but for me, its well worth the effort.

posted Jul 15th, 2010 7:52 pm



I have been on this plan since May 13, 2010 and to date have lost 20 pounds. I follow the plan almost exclusively but I am unwilling to completely give up an occasional cheeseburger and treat (I do however skip the fries and add a side salad). I have almost completely cut out artificial sweeteners except for my small glass of diet cola in the morning.

Overall, I feel much better. I have less joint pain and my blood pressure is significantly down. This plan isn't for someone who doesn't like to cook and who doesn't have access to good food. I am blessed to live in an area that has several food cooperatives. My grocery bill did go up but feeling so much better makes up for other areas in the budget that had to be cut. I do have to allow extra time for food prep and I absolutely must have at least a daily plan. I cook in larger batches and freeze for times when I'm rushed or don't want to cook. It's becoming second nature now. Once I got into the cookbook, I realized that I would eat really well but very differently from what I used to consider eating well. This plan has been life altering for me and I can't thank my doctor enough for telling me about it.

posted Jul 12th, 2010 9:49 am



I was not well at all, my diabetes was not in control and I could no longer just eat 0 carbs to get in control, every joint ached, I wasn't sleeping, muscle cramps(everywhere) no energy at all NONE! I was ready to pack it in, until a good friend of mine gave me the book to read. I started it and in just a few weeks I've dropped 11 pounds, and that isn't the best of it. I feel better than I have in ages. I have always thought about eating clean or raw but this book helped me to understand the why's and how's. It's easy really. No hunger unless it's time to eat. No guilt if your eating organic and whole foods without the sugar. I haven't started adding back any dairy or wheat, and I know as a diabetic never to add bakery goods, sugar laden foods ect. I had nothing to loose and everything to gain and I'm reaping the benefits of eating healthy! YEA!

posted Jun 30th, 2010 12:26 pm



He actually does say a lot that others do not. There is a lot of emphasis on real food and fresh food but more importantly he points out that there are a lot of key factors that can lead to weight gain outside of "i eat to much." I myself found I had ran up to 300 lbs at 5'11". I was not over eating in fact I have lived a life free of sugar for two years and yet I still found I was gaining weight. I read the book and have been on the starting phase for 3 weeks and so far I have lost 22 pounds but more importantly I sleep through the night, I feel a 100 percent better I have more energy and just feel sharper..more on. My skin has changed it is brighter and I get comments from the women at work asking me what I have done (I'm a guy lol). I will be honest and tell you it is not easy to follow but healing my body is worth the effort.

posted Jun 18th, 2010 12:22 pm


I have been on the diet for 5 weeks now and have only lost about 10 pounds. I feel great though and my clothes feel loose.
It is true that Dr. Hyman repeats what other diet books have said but he explains what happens chemically in your body which other books don't explain.

posted Mar 3rd, 2010 1:46 pm


I had success with this. I did not believe everything I read on his web, but I felt great on this, my b/p dropped incredibly fast and I was not hungry ~ at all.

posted Feb 16th, 2009 6:23 pm



One of my friends is following this program and has had wonderful results. I've just started it and, yes, it isn't easy to do. That's because our food factories aren't set up for health but rather for profit. I look forward seeing results like my friend.

posted Nov 2nd, 2008 7:11 pm


He doesn't present anything particularly new although he does present a lot of things that have been tested and found true. I would say it definitely works. If it doesn't get your thyroid checked! Really good book and easy read.

posted Mar 17th, 2008 8:59 am


Dr. Hyman book seems to repeat what a lot of other diet books have said


I've seen mixed reviews on the ultrametabolism theory...has anyone actually tried this


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