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Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia

There is only one ingredient in this weight loss supplement.

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While many hoodia-containing weight loss supplements contain a host of other ingredients in addition to the extracts of the South African cactus plant, UniqueHoodia contains only one ingredient: Hoodia Gordonii.

Since it is not doctored up with a bunch of other herbs and substances, UniqueHoodia contains a maximum strength dosage of this unique appetite-suppressing plant. The product promises to help you curb your appetite, reduce your calorie intake, lose body not just water weight.

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  • Contains only hoodia
  • May help to suppress appetite
  • Features various certificates of authenticity on its website
  • Authentic hoodia is rare and expensive
  • Product may not be pure hoodia
  • Will not result in sustained weight loss
  • Hoodia also suppresses thirst which can lead to dehydration

UniqueHoodia contains 465 mg of Hoodia Gordonii extract.


Three capsules of UniqueHoodia are taken daily; one before each meal.


UniqueHoodia should be used as a compliment to a reduced-calorie diet and a daily exercise program.


UniqueHoodia is weight loss supplement that contains only hoodia and no other ingredients. The hoodia used in this product has been shown to contain P57, the active ingredient that helps to suppress your appetite and it is harvested and manufactured in the United States.

Even so, you should speak with your doctor before using UniqueHoodia and you should also keep in mind that any kind of a weight loss pill, regardless of how safe it appears to be, carries side effects. Your best strategy for long-term weight loss is a healthy and consistent diet and exercise program.

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I would give zero stars if I could for this product and this brand. This product is useless. I tried 4X maximum dose just to see if it works and NOTHING... don't waste money! p.s.- take in mind that I already am on 500 cal diet for months now and go to gym every day so it is not the problem with overeating but this product has no effect on appetite at all and it is so expensive. p..s.s.- there are fake reviews of this product so beware, it doesn't work at all what ever people say it is fake, you can test that by leaving review by yourself it will not be visible!

posted Mar 21st, 2017 1:06 pm

david @ hoodia supplements

My wife has been using Hoodia for about 2 months now, and has lost about 10 pounds. She walks alot, too. I'm sure that helps tremendously.

posted Jul 9th, 2010 1:08 pm



Not pleased. Unique Hoodia has in their 'terms and conditions' that you must buy 3 months worth in order to apply for the money-back guarentee. They advertise 'no risk', but have in the VERY fine print that you had to buy three boxes. However, they placed a temporary sticker (I ssay temporary because they started peeling away from the box) to replace the directions 'take one pill daily' to 'take one pill three times daily'. The sticker was easily removed to show the REAL directions. Therefore, even though I thought I had purchased a three-month supply by buying two boxes (90 pills each, so actually 6 month supply), they claim two boxes is only 2-months worth since the 'new' instructions say to take it three times daily. I took a picture of the box to show that I actually bought more than enough to receive a full refund and I will use this to contact a lawyer to try to prevent this company from scamming any more consumers. I will leave this message on every diet pill posting site until I have received confirmation from the company that I indeed CAN receive a refund. Unique Hoodia: if you are reading this, my customer number is UH-7275.

posted Jul 9th, 2010 8:58 am


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