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A research-based behavioral approach to weight loss from the University of Vermont.

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Vtrim is an online behavioral weight management program created by the health and medical experts at the University of Vermont. With the program you'll have access to expert clinical facilitators and online group weekly meetings. Vtrim is a weight loss program that is structured according to the behavioral, emotional and cognitive elements of weight gain and successful weight loss. You can anticipate to lose 24 pounds in six months.

With Vtrim you either go to a physical classroom or you can do the online component. No matter which setting you choose, you'll weigh-in once per week, record weight, meet with a facilitator and discuss the topic for the week. You'll meet with the same participants and group leader throughout your 12-week program.

Each week of the Vtrim program is dedicated to a specific topic relating to changing health behaviors. Participants receive a lesson guide and activity to read and complete each week. The Vtrim group facilitator introduces the topic and helps participants apply the topic in their own lives throughout the course of the week.

Vtrim also requires that you pay for the entire session up front since their research has shown that when you pay before you start, you’re more likely to adhere to the program and have success.

Vtrim can also be used in the workplace setting as part of a company wellness initiative.

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  • Available online or in person
  • Weekly weigh-ins promote accountability
  • Both diet and exercise are implemented
  • Encourages slow and healthy rate of weight loss
  • Program backed by years of research and clinical trials
  • Focuses on not just the food aspect of weight issues and diets
  • Workplace program also available
  • All costs must be paid up front
  • May be cost-prohibitive in comparison to other similar programs
  • In-person program only available to those living in Vermont
  • Targeted more towards those who are obese rather than those who just have to lose a few pounds
  • Rate of weight loss may be too slow

Vtrim provides the framework to succeed at weight loss by teaching people how to consistently eat less, move more and adopt new ways of managing daily choices that support long term success.

During each weekly lesson, you will focus on one aspect of how your behavior and environment affects your food choices.

In addition, you will also have access to numerous healthy online recipes. A typical day of eating on the Vtrim plan might include:

  • Breakfast: Banana blender pancakes
  • Snack: Cornmeal muffin
  • Lunch: Strawberry salad
  • Dinner: Baked chicken breast with mango chutney sauce
  • Dessert: Apple plum crisp

Exercise is definitely encouraged with the Vtrim plan. Exercise is introduced slowly so that your body can adjust and get used to more movement. This also ensures that you will be encouraged to continue exercising after the 24-week program is over.


Vtrim is a weight loss solution that comes from many years of research to prove its effectiveness. The program may seem a bit expensive when there are other very similar programs available for less. The University of Vermont has taken a proven approach to weight loss and made it available to those desiring to lose weight and get healthy. With an available free trial, its easy to gain access and see if the program is right for you before making the total investment.

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I have been on Vtrim Online for the past 16 weeks with 8 weeks left and have lost 30 lbs. during this time & expect to lose more. The wonderful thing about Vtrim is that it is backed by 20 yrs of University of VT research & teaches the basics, i.e., calorie counting and nutrition, but couples that with behavior modification techniques that are simple & make sense and will last a lifetime! They're non-profit, too, which I like as they're not trying to sell me products, Vtrim just wants their participants to get healthy & learn how to stay that way for a lifetime! I tell people about Vtrim at every chance I get & am happy to answer anyone's questions! :)

posted Jun 25th, 2010 10:15 am


I'm on the Vtrim Online program right now and I've lost over 20lbs! This program definitely changed the way I think about food - it truly leads to a behavior and lifestyle change. The program is easy to follow and the facilitators are great for support and are really knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I've reached my goal weight and Vtrim is helping me to maintain my amazing weight loss and new healhty lifestyle! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to make a life-long change.

posted Jun 22nd, 2010 2:13 pm


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