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Why Diet and Exercise Fail

Why Diet and Exercise Fail

The real reasons you can't lose weight.

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Why is that people in Thailand can consume 80% of their calories from white rice, a refined carbohydrate, and are free of weight gain and modern chronic diseases? And why can the French eat higher levels of saturated fat than Americans yet have an obesity rate that is 70% lower?

These are just a couple of the questions that author Daniel Matthew Korn addresses and seeks to answer in his book Why Diet and Exercise Fail.

Rather than a how-to diet guide, Why Diet and Exercise Fail is a historical, biochemical and environmental look at why the obesity rates in the American population are nearing epidemic proportions.

Korn theorizes that the Hunger-Obesity paradox, a dynamic that causes those who are obese and overweight to experience more hunger, cannot be thoroughly explained. Providing evidence that refutes some commonly-held beliefs about what causes this paradox, Korn hypothesizes that caffeine is the underlying factor that is directly contributing to the current health epidemic.

With suggestions for eliminating caffeine and increasing the amounts of nutrient-rich foods and healthy fats in our diets, Korn posits that we cannot just provide an explanation for the Hunger-Obesity paradox, but we must turn around its course as well.

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  • Promotes the consumption of vitamin-rich foods and healthy fats
  • Encourages you to think beyond some of the most pervasive ideas on diet and health
  • Increases awareness of how our environment plays into our health
  • Discourages consumption of sugary sodas
  • Not enough scientific evidence to support hypothesis that caffeine is a causal factor in weight gain

Korn asks the very basic question of "Why do we gain weight" and seeks to develop a sound answer through his analysis of fad diets, exercise and the consumption of specific nutrients like refined carbohydrates and whole grains.

Hypothesizing that caffeine is the underlying factor that causes weight gain, and more importantly the Hunger-Obesity paradox through its effect on cortisol and other biochemical processes, Why Diet and Exercise Fail strongly suggests that in order to be healthy, you must eliminate caffeine from your diet.

In addition, you are encouraged to eat foods that are full of vitamins and minerals and consume adequate amounts of healthy fats. Organically-grown fruits and vegetables, whole grains products that don't contain added sugar or fats, meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals and wild fish should comprise the mainstay of your diet.


Why Diet and Exercise Fail recognizes exercise's positive effects on weight loss. Therefore, you are encouraged to engage in consistent, moderate exercise rather than intense exercise in order to get the greatest weight loss and health benefits from exercising.


Why Diet and Exercise Fail is a very thought-provoking book about what truly causes weight gain. Refuting a number of commonly-held theories about what causes obesity, author Daniel Korn suggests that caffeine and its consequential effects on our bodies is the root cause of obesity.

While there is no current scientific evidence to support his hypothesis, he does shed light on some interesting discrepancies in our current views on weight gain such as the Hunger-Obesity Paradox and suggests a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, 100 percent whole grains, grass-fed forms of meat and poultry, wild fish and of course, no caffeine is the pathway to health.

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