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Withings WiFi Body Scale

Withings WiFi Body Scale

This high-tech, interactive body weight scale graphs weight trends over time.

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The Withings WiFi Body Scale is the first scale that tracks your personal data and then immediately sends it to your secure webpage.

Here's how it works: You simply step on the WiFi Body Scale and step off once your measurements have been recorded. Within a matter of seconds, you can access your measurements including your weight, lean, and fat mass measurements using any web browser from your computer or your iPhone.

The web display panel allows you to follow your progress over time and shows you where your measurements fall in relation to clinically-approved healthy reference ranges.

The WiFi Body Scale features a sleek design that looks more like a mod decorative piece for your bathroom than a traditional scale. It's known for its precision, accuracy and reliability. It can record and store weight measurements for up to eight people making it a convenient and functional body scale for the healthy-minded family.

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  • Records accurate and precise body measurements
  • Records not just body weight but lean muscle mass and fat mass measurements
  • Can be used to track eight people
  • Progress tracking is confidential
  • Regular weigh-ins may prevent weight gain
  • Compatible with any web browser
  • iPhone App
  • Involves added step of accessing personal profile on the Internet
  • Weighing oneself too frequently can lead to obsessive thoughts about weight and body image

There are no diet or nutrition guidelines.


There are no exercise guidelines.


The WiFi Body Scale features the functionality and accuracy of a reliable body scale, plus the added components that allow you to view and track your progress online. In addition, the scale doesn't just measure how much you weigh but also your lean muscle and fat mass and it shows you how your measurements compare to healthy reference ranges.

If you are looking for a high tech way to keep track of your weight, then the WiFi Body Scale might just be the way for you to monitor your health over the long term.

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I'm having major issues with the accuracy of this scale going up or down by 10 lbs in 15min.

Radim, the body fat% on any of these scales (via electrical impedance) is going to be bunk. Unfortunately BF% is pretty hard to measure.

posted Jan 13th, 2012 1:10 am


Is it accurate? If I measure myself twice within 30 seconds I get different results. 1st measurement is 74 kg, 17% fat. 30 seconds later I weight 75kg and fat is 19%.

posted Mar 30th, 2011 4:46 am


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