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Women's Health Personal Trainer

Women's Health Personal Trainer

Check out this thorough online diet and exercise program for women.

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Women’s Health Magazine has created a tool for weight loss called the Women’s Health Fit Coach. This is an online program that can help you get your best body ever. The Fit Coach program allows you to log in at any time to access your online training and diet program. You will receive step by step instructions with everything you need to sculpt and tone your body the way you want. The program offers customized, interactive fitness and nutrition elements to help you get results faster than you might have thought possible. You can lose weight fast, blast away fat, tone-up all over your body and look and feel better than ever. To get started you simply enter some information about your current fitness level including your height, weight and age.

You will receive your body mass index from the info you enter and see what weight category you are in. Once you become a subscriber to the Fit Coach, you will learn how to eat foods you love and still lose weight, burn fat with customized workouts, choose from numerous food and exercise options, and enjoy convenient menus, shopping lists and recipes. There is one general rule that you must follow to be successful with the Fit Coach. That rule is to be honest with the Fit Coach. There is workout plan and nutrition guide available no matter what your goals might be. The eating plans help take the guess work out of eating and allow you to pick a plan that will fit your personality and lifestyle. The exercise plans include lots of alternate exercises so that you can mix things up. You workouts will be tailored for maximum effectiveness.

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  • Offers online access to a specific diet and exercise program
  • Get great results as long as you are honest with the tools
  • Program is online and info can be updated from anywhere
  • Offers everything you need to achieve the body you want
  • Everything is customized to meet your specific needs
  • Animated demos available for exercises
  • Track your results
  • Offers step by step exercise plans
  • Plan is very affordable
  • Provides an extensive breakdown of all elements of diet and exercise
  • Plan is formulated for women only
  • Requires that you record all foods eaten and time exercised to give accurate feedback; this may be difficult for some to keep up with

You nutrition plan will be customized to your likes and dislikes. The eating plan you choose will fit into your lifestyle and be perfect for your personality. Fit Coach will create daily menus for you while allowing you to fight fat with the foods you love. There are four different meal plans to choose from. The different eating plans include the Look Better Naked Diet, Hunger Buster, Mood Lifter and Body in Balance. The Look Better Naked plan is for those that want to eat low calorie foods that are rich in flavor and will never make you feel deprived. For those that want to shed pounds and build up their muscle tone as well as knock out their continuous hunger, the Hunger Buster plan will be ideal. In order to slim down and avoid dropping energy levels, try the Mood Lifter diet plan. Those who struggle with emotional eating will also benefit from this plan. The Body in Balance diet is for those that desire to maintain their weight and deal with their tendency to eat junk-food or skipping meals. Below is a little more information of the types of foods you might eat on each of the plans:

  • Look Better Naked – This plan emphasizes lean protein, fiber-rich starches and fruits as well as healthy fats. You eat five meals per day including three meals and two snacks.
  • Hunger Buster – This diet is a high-protein eating plan. Protein will keep you full longer and this type of diet will help you have success in dropping pounds without being hungry.
  • Mood Lifter – This diet is low-fat and features lots of comforting carbohydrates. This program offers foods that release serotonin which makes you feel good and keeps you energized. Healthy protein is also included in the Mood Lifter program.
  • Body in Balance – On this plan you will be eating healthy meals each day that are pleasing to your taste buds so you don’t feel deprived. This program is easy to follow and includes some extra protein to keep you in shape.

With the Fit Coach, your exercise is customized to meet your needs. Step by step exercise plans are available to you along with animated demos to make sure your form is correct. Your workouts will be created specifically to meet your weight loss and fitness goals. You will be able to mix up your exercise plan with some of the alternate exercises provided. Similar to the diet portion of the program, you choose the exercise program you want to follow. There are 10 different workout plans to choose from and you make your selection based on the types of workouts you like, your overall goals and your workout personality. You are totally in control so you can choose what you see as a perfect fit for you where workouts are concerned. Below are all the workout plans, the number of days per week required to workout with each plan and a summary of the plan.

  • Look Better Naked Workout – Workout four days each week to get a flatter belly, burn fat and build toned muscles. You will only be working out a total of three hours each week broken into four sessions. The program is six weeks in length and will give your body a makeover from head to toe.
  • Belly Off – This workout requires six days per week of exercise and will help you firm up your entire body and shed fat. You will alternate between strength training and cardio workouts to keep your metabolism going and improve your overall fitness level.
  • Excuse Buster – This is the perfect workout for those that have trouble finding time or energy to workout. You only have to commit to between two and four days each week and this plan caters to your level of experience. The workouts will be as easy or as hard as you can handle and work with whatever equipment you have on hand.
  • All-Cardio Calorie Burn – Cardio lovers that aren’t interested in weights can use this program to work out two to four times per week and lose weight. You choose the activities you want to do and how many days you want to do them and the Fit Coach will design your program based on your goals.
  • Metabolism Stoker – This is for those that want to lose the most weight in the fastest possible way. You will work out five to seven days per week with this intense program. The workout will include three total body strength training days, two days of light-cardio and one day of a maximum effort sprint workout. This program puts you on the fast track to losing weight.
  • Power Boost – Working out six days per week on this plan is going to help you reach an unstoppable level when playing any sport. You will get stronger by doing 30 minutes of cardio each day and working a single muscle group afterwards. You will see your body able to jump higher, hit harder and move quicker after following this plan.
  • Plateau Attack – If you have been trying to figure out how to bust through a weight loss plateau, this four day per week exercise program is the answer. You will engage in two days each week of light weights with high reps followed by double session cardio blasts. You will also have one day of spring training and one day of combined cardio and ab work.
  • Body Buffer – This workout requires seven days per week and is reserved for those who already slim that want to gain a leaner and more defined look. You simply do strength training for three days each week and cardio for the other four days.
  • 5-K Trainer – Anyone training for their first 5-K run can benefit from this plan that trains four to six days per week. This program is six weeks in length and will have you do two strength training workouts each week in addition to running. The strength training will help you train as well as help keep injuries away.
  • My Workout My Way – If you want total workout freedom and control this is the plan for you. There is no set number of days you must work out each week. You create your own cardio or strength training routine or you can combine the two elements. You will be given the tools you need to stay on track and keep your workouts interesting.

Reaching your fitness goals just got a lot easier with the help of the Women’s Health Magazine Fit Coach. This online tool offers everything you could possibly need to get the body you want. The program is completely customizable for what you like and what your goals are. You choose your diet plan and your exercise plan based on what you want to accomplish and your personal preferences. You can mix and match things and make changes as your needs change. The Fit Coach offers the best of both worlds, because you are provided with everything you need to be successful, while still having the power to make choices that have a direct impact on what you be eating and the types of exercises you will do. Meeting your fitness and weight loss needs can be a reachable goal with the help of the Fit Coach.

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I did this diet/workout plan a few years ago for 3 months. I was in the best shape I ever was in my life. The plan I was on was pretty vigorous and I ended up cutting fat so much that I was beginning to look like a fitness model. I had to stop because I was hungry all of the time though. I did appreciate what this workout/meal plan taught me, and that was how to eat right and how to work out. If you follow the plan to a T you will look great, but you will be hungry.

posted Aug 8th, 2013 2:20 pm



I love this personal trainer. When actually used it is AMAZING. I wish I could spread the word better =P. I've had the program for a while and just started seriously sticking to it 4 weeks ago. 2 1/2 weeks into using the Metabolism Stoker Plan I lost 5in off my hips 3in off my waist and 1in off my arms and my weight was still the same. Into my 3rd week I've started losing about 3 pounds per week. I'm so excited!

posted Aug 22nd, 2011 10:45 pm


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