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You Can Think Yourself Thin

You Can Think Yourself Thin

Reclaim your mind and your body through hypnosis.

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If you feel that your thoughts and emotions are holding you back from finally losing weight, don't throw in the towel just yet. In the groundbreaking book, You Can Think Yourself Thin, you will learn how the power of hypnosis can help you achieve the body of your dreams. Written by trained hypnotherapist Ursula James, You Can Think Yourself Thin applies clear and simple techniques for how you can delve deep into your subconscious and alter negative thought patterns and create new and healthy ones without feeling like you are depriving yourself of food.

There are three essential steps that you take in order to gain more control over what you eat. First, you learn how to build up your confidence and feelings of self worth, then you start to deal with the underlying issues that are at the heart of your eating struggles and finally, you create a future template for yourself that includes the tools you need to get through any forthcoming struggles.

You Can Think Yourself Thin also comes with an audio CD that is designed to emulate one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions. In just three weeks, you will start to unlock the mental barriers that trap you from losing weight and instead learn how to regain control over your mental, emotional and physical health.

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  • Recognizes that weight issues are due to much more than just food
  • Helps you to gain control of your thoughts
  • Teaches self-empowerment tools that you can access at any time to feel more control over eating and exercise habits
  • Some research has yielded positive results with using hypnosis to lose weight
  • Less expensive than one-to-one hypnosis sessions
  • Hypnosis approach may be too metaphysical for some
  • Does not include a clear-cut diet and exercise plan

You Can Think Yourself Thin does not involve a specific diet and nutrition plan. Rather, it uses exercises and an audio CD to help you overcome the roadblocks that get in the way of losing weight and exercising.

The book does include a few recipes for a sesame seed dressing and a morning muesli. In addition, you are encouraged to never go hungry by eating small meals containing protein throughout the day, drink a full glass of water before each meal and to keep your home and office at a cooler temperature (72 degrees Fahrenheit or lower) so that your body burns more calories throughout the day. You are also instructed to start your day with a glass of hot water, lemon juice and honey in order to jump start your day and cleanse your palate.


As you work with the hypnosis CD and exercises in the book, you will learn how to approach the concept of fitness with more enthusiasm and as an integral component of losing weight and feeling great. From walking to housecleaning to gardening, you learn to recognize how all of these activities burn calories and increase your fitness level. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to take on an exercise or physical activity that you enjoy doing.

The book does not give you recommendations for how long or how often you should exercise.


In the past decade, hypnosis has been met with some success in helping people overcome negative habits like smoking, anxiety, depression and a host of phobias. You Can Think Yourself Thin is a self-hypnosis empowerment program that helps you understand the issues that underscore your weight struggles. Using exercises in the book as well as audio CD, renowned hypnotherapist practitioner Ursula James offers a thorough hypnosis guide as well as a variety of tips and recommendations for developing a healthy and functional relationship with food and exercise and ultimately, taking more control over your thoughts, action which translate a healthier and leaner you.

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Brilliant, brilliant book with a teriffic hypnosis CD. This really works. Lost 7 pounds in one week with no efforts. Stopped obsessing about food too. Recommend it to anyone.

posted Jun 17th, 2009 4:31 am


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