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Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Use your Kinect sensor and XBOX 360 for the ultimate fitness experience.

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Fitness enthusiasts that want to work out using their gaming system now have some options. You can use your XBOX 360 to work out using interactive games if you have the Kinect sensor. One game that is a great addition for working out is Your Shape Fitness Evolved. This fitness game for the Kinect on XBOX 360 offers you the ability to put your body in the game as you work out. Your Shape Fitness Evolved includes a martial arts class led by celebrity trainer Michael George and a weight class led by Michelle Bridges. There should be no lag with your movements due to the game technology tracking over one million dots on your body. The game also includes hundreds of exercises and access to content you can download to keep things new and interesting.

You will be able to burn calories while tracking your form and giving feedback in real time thanks to the game’s real-time tracking system. Getting your workout in doesn’t have to mean that you are stuck in your living room doing monotonous routines. Using Your Shape Fitness Evolved, you are in control of your workout. You don’t ever have to do the same workout twice and you can challenge your friends using XBOX Live. You can choose to work out with a personal trainer and get immediate feedback on your form. You can also share your results with your friends and family online.

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  • Receive instant feedback
  • Tracks over one million points on your body for accuracy in movement detection
  • Makes workouts fun
  • Allows you to workout at home and share your results online
  • Challenge friends using XBOX Live
  • So many options you don’t have to ever do the same workout twice
  • Regular downloadable content for new exercises
  • Features celebrity trainer Michael George
  • Australia Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges leads martial arts and weight loss sections
  • Must purchase Kinect sensor in addition to any games

The main focus of Your Shape Fitness Evolved is for workout purposes. There is no diet or eating information included with this game.


The goal of Your Shape Fitness Evolved is to get you moving. You can use this game to do all sorts of workout plans. The game uses over one million dots on your body to better track your movements. The game also includes precise feedback so you can be advised on your form in real time. Your Shape Fitness Evolved allows you to burn calories while having fun. You won’t feel like you are working out. Some of the included programs include personal trainers and preset classes. Yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi, dancing and target practice are some of the classes available. The workouts have been created by fitness experts like Michael George and Michelle Bridges. There are hundreds of exercises you can do in addition to the classes. You also have the ability to download new content regularly, so you never run out of workouts.


If you’re looking for an exciting workout that will keep you coming back for more, you can incorporate using your XBOX 360 and Kinect sensor with Your Shape Fitness Evolved. This game along with the Kinect sensor will give you total control over your workouts and help you keep your form correct. It features plenty of exercises, classes and the ability to download new content on a regular basis. Burn calories your way and enjoy the ability to share your results with others or challenge friends through XBOX Live.

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Ooohhh, this sounds very cool, a MILLION dots on my body to make sure I'm getting the kinds of exercise I should, how great is technology???

posted Sep 23rd, 2011 4:32 pm


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