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Zen Cleanse

Zen Cleanse

A natural way to lose weight in just seven days.

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Zen Cleanse is a complete effective system that smoothly flushes out toxic matters, enhance the ability of the liver and invigorate the digestive system to detoxify.

The seven-day program also helps to increase your energy, improve your mental clarity and ease cravings.

The goal of the detoxification process is to trigger the efficiency of the digestive system and enhance the body organs that are responsible for elimination and cleaning of toxic matter from the body. This program aims to help the body cleanse itself of mucus, toxins and waste matters allowing your body to function properly. It restores energy of the vital organs.

The product is simple-to-use one capsule system, which utilizes three potent ingredients Detoxicator, Livertone and Senna to improve the function of liver, gently remove stored waste as well as provide extra fiber to purge toxic matter from the body system.

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  • May help to temporarily improve gastrointestinal problems
  • Will likely make you feel lighter
  • May cause side effects
  • May exascerbate gastrointestinal problems
  • Weight loss is temporary
  • Automatically enrolls you in the monthly shipment program
  • Should not be used as a regular dietary supplement despite its auto-monthly shipment program

Zen Cleanse contains detoxicator, livertone, senna, angelica root, jujube fruit extracts, peony root, soy lecithin, dong quai extracts, myrobalam seed, dandelion root, slippery elm bark, yarrow flower, I-taurine, senna leaf extracts, fig fruit, cascara sagrada bark extracts, solanum nigrum extract, n-acetyl crysteine, magnesium, and fig fruit.


One tablet of Zen Cleanse is taken every day for seven days.


There are no specific diet or exercise suggestions while using Zen Cleanse, but by using the product, you are expected to have a diminished appetite for unhealthy foods and refined products.


Zen Cleanse is a seven-day detox program that offers you the chance to pop a pill and experience a recharged digestive system and a healthier liver. But like most cleanses that come in a bottle, this product also comes with some warnings, which are not highlighted on its label or website.

While Zen Cleanse may ease digestion problems, it will only do so temporarily and it also runs the risk of making GI troubles worse. In addition, once you buy the product, you are automatically enrolled in the auto-shipment program, which not just debits your credit card every month, but the consistent use of this supplement may cause some serious digestive problems like dependence.

If you want to flush out your system, you might be better off following a plant-based diet.

If you want to test out Zen Cleanse, get the OK from your doctor first.

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arizona rascoe

I would like to know do you take zen cleanse before a meal or after a meal and how long do you wait to take the pill after the meal

posted Jan 2nd, 2014 12:51 pm


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