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Zrii NutriiVeda Program

Zrii NutriiVeda Program

A 12-week program for mind-body transformation.

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Zrii, the Ayurvedic nutritional beverage with the stamp of approval from Deepak Chopra, has also created the NutriiVeda program, which promises to improve digestion, cleanse the tissues, lighten the body, create clarity in the mind, and revitalize your energetic core.

Over the course of three distinct phases, which span 12 weeks, the NutriiVeda program helps bring greater awareness to your dietary and lifestyle choices in order to better your overall health and well-being.

The first phase, Incorporation and Detoxification, lasts for two weeks and involves a gradual undoing of lifelong dietary and lifestyle habits that work against health rather than promote it.

The second phase, Creating Balance, builds upon the first phase and places more of an emphasis on eating according to your dosha, an Ayurvedic term for your constitution. The program includes a questionnaire to help you determine your doshic make-up. The Creating Balance phase lasts until you reach your weight loss goal.

The third and final phase, the Maintaining the Lifestyle phase, is intended to be carried onward in order to sustain the improvements you have made in your health during the first two phases and continue to work towards a balanced life.

Each phase includes adhering to the five key principles to body transformation: The regular consumption of the NutriiVeda shake, a special kind of shake comprised of Indian herbs that promote digestion and overall wellness, dietary guidelines, exercise guidelines, mind-body practices,wellness journaling and self-reflection.

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  • Includes a well-outlined plan
  • Focuses on eating a whole-foods and plant-based diet
  • Incorporates other aspects of wellness like meditation, mindful eating and journaling into program
  • Includes a maintenance, long-term plan for sustained health
  • Maintenance plan allows for giving into favorite foods on occasion
  • Must buy into Zrii membership program in order to follow the program
  • Nutritional plan may be difficult to maintain for the long-term

The NutriiVeda program is built upon the principles of Ayurveda, which suggests a specific diet based upon the individual's dosha make-up or constitution. The three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha correspond to the elements of the universe and while each person has three doshas operating within them, one dosha is more dominant than the other two.

Once you have determined your dosha, you will follow the NutriiVeda diet and exercise plan that corresponds to balancing your primary dosha.

Overall, the NutriiVeda program recommends a whole-foods diet filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, and a NutriiVeda shake. Sugar, processed foods, refined flours, trans fats, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided, particularly during the first two phases of the program.

Here is a sample day from the NutriiVeda program: Begin the day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice. For breakfast, a dosha-approved warm grain cereal with soy milk and honey. For lunch, cooked lentils, brown rice and stir-fried vegetables. For dinner, seasonal vegetables cooked with dosha-approved spices and grilled tofu. Snacks should be NutriiVeda shakes, raw nuts or fruit.


You are encouraged to engage in cardiovascular exercise like brisk walking or jogging, at least 15 minutes a day, five days a week and work your way up to 20 or 30 minutes as you progress through the phases. Morning yoga stretches, deep breathing exercises and meditation should also be done every day.


The NutriiVeda program is an extension of the Ayurvedic nutritional beverage Zrii, which has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra. This 12-week program, divided among three phases, is meant to help you lose weight and improve your overall wellness. With five clear principles to follow in each phase and a guide for how to work with your dosha or constitution, the NutriiVeda program is a healthy, mindful and gradual approach to introducing yourself into Ayurveda, the ancient system of health and healing.

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Nick Biermann


Great product! have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 months.
Not a pyramid as someone said above. Due to my weight loss I have recomended the products and I'm making good money out of it.

posted Jul 21st, 2015 8:02 pm

Elias Handal


With all the respect to everybody over here... I just want to say to the persons that have negative opinions , They are excused for lack of information. And another correction Zrii is not a pyramid ... I have used the product an I lost more than 60lb, I'm a Zrii executive distributor and I'm making good money... the thing is, people expect to get rich in 2 days and this is not true... it is a process.....and when they fail.. they blame the company.

posted May 23rd, 2013 6:20 pm



Deepac? What credential does he have to endorse such a product? And even if he had a PhD, if you read ANY of his histerical material, he would qualify as his own patient. I have coached MLM for years, this is MLM, i advise you to get a job or start a "legit" business or you will become a statistic. 99% fail in MLM. Are you stragic in your preparation to compete with that sick percentage for success? Dont be fooled by the pgs coach who will belittle you into proving yourself. Run.

posted Aug 23rd, 2011 7:52 pm


I have lost over 84 pounds with this product in less than 7 months. It is amazing!!

posted Aug 20th, 2010 7:42 pm

Dr. K. Stiln

CORRECTION! My apologies to the Dalai Lama, goodness. I meant:

This product is just as useless as decades of fitness drinks before it. DEEPAK CHOPRA is their major advocate. This is like having L. Ron Hubbard endorse a sports drink cult. The people who sell this product are straight from Stepford and ALL have the same schtick of false positivity. Zrii is a network marketing group that lures people who are down on their financial luck into thinking they have a great product to sling to folks. What they have, though, is a VERY expensive, processed juice beverage that does not chemically compare to what your body needs to sustain healthy balance.

Has anyone been approached by these Zrii pyramid salespeople? I have yet to see one who looks fit or as if they are really reaping benefits from this product that would justify the price. Would you go to a doctor who was smoking crack? Why would you buy a health loss product from an unfit person or someone who has obviously not met BMI goals (but who is trying to tell you how fantastic this product is)? Think about it.

This is not a health loss miracle. It is a get-rich-quick scheme in disguise.

Weight loss is much more about willpower and psychological reconditioning. Many, many studies over a century of research have proven that those seeking weight loss need to commit to a healthy, balanced diet of foods courtesy of nature and an exercise plan that is incrementally adjusted to serve your individual needs.

Save your money. Hire a nutritionist for an initial consultation and purchase a fitness membership or piece of home fitness equipment. Visit your local farmers' market for fresh foods that you can cheaply make nutritional meals with.

Retrain your brain. Your body will follow. Lazily drinking stuff like this Zrii does nothing for your brain or body but put your system in temporary diet shock. The results will be impermanent and do nothing to redirect your overall fitness.

posted Jun 28th, 2010 2:38 pm

Joshua Duran


Nutriveda and zrii are great products. Both are all natural and good for your overall well being. Great product. If you interested in a business with zrii or nutriveda. Or if you would like to simply try the product. Contact me at

posted Jan 16th, 2010 2:54 pm



NutriiVeda has done wonders for my health, as has its sister product Zrii. I needed to gain weight, and have been able to since using these products. These are alive and intelligent products, and each person will have a different outcome depending on their dosha, and their imbalances. It is so easy to integrate into any lifestyle, I am healthier, and I am getting paid to use it now. What else can I say?

posted Jan 11th, 2010 11:13 pm



I have never felt better and have continued to use NurtiiVeda as a meal replacement even after I lost my desired weight. It's a wonderful way to manage my weight and I was able to quickly lose my Christmas 6 pounds within a couple of days!

posted Jan 6th, 2010 7:23 pm

Joseph Frank


I have been on this for 2.5 months and have lost 20 lbs and still counting! plus it is helping the size of my meals I eat!

posted Dec 23rd, 2009 10:53 pm

David Roberts


Healthy, Easy and lose weight fast....not only lost weight but improved my health!

posted Dec 6th, 2009 8:46 am


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