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Has anyone acutally investgated medical weight lost? who are the doctors?

dee asked this question Aug 13th, 2015 3:34 am

I see that most of these reviews are from years ago, why?expensive yes, did not loose the weight that they plan on me loosing. strated the plan in may and it will end in august. was told i would loose 1-2 lbs a week, sometimes i did not loose anything. goal was to loose 30lbs 2lbs at week would have placed me with 26lbs but we did have a conversation that sometime you could loose up to 5lbs a week(nope) i have only lost 15lbs with them. did not see a doctor. only people in white coats. had b-12 shots, eta pills and also multi-vitamins to take, the cleansing pills were too strong for my system-caused severe hemorrhoids-bleeding. did try inches away. did loose some inches. there were definitely weeks that i did not loose any weight, but the staff was nice. wll not purchase again. but it did kick start my weight lost and i will continue what i have learned. went into this knowing this could go either way. praying that i do not get cancer from these pills. also bought some pills to help with belly fat too scared to try it after the cleaseing pills. my hubby did not want me to do this but i had to try so i can not get mad at the company. somethings work and somethings don't. still thinking about trying the sleeve????

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