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Center for Medical Weight Loss

Center for Medical Weight Loss

Comprehensive weight loss plans tailored for you.

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The Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) are physician-directed weight loss programs. Located throughout the entire country, Centers for Medical Weight Loss offer a customized and medically-supervised approach to losing weight.

Every Center for Medical Weight Loss physician has received extensive training and is highly qualified in the field of medical weight loss. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, The Center for Medical Weight Loss will match you with a dedicated doctor who will help you pinpoint and ultimately reach your weight loss goals.

You receive individual attention from the beginning of your program through its end, set realistic goals and expectations that meet your dietary and lifestyle needs, and you are assured a safe and effective way to lose weight.

Here's how it works: Once you an express an interest in the Center for Medical Weight Loss via phone or email, you have an initial consultation with a CMWL doctor. Your CMWL Doctor will learn all about your current weight loss goals and other factors such as your medications, individual body composition, and personal motivations that make you different from everyone else. From there your CMWL Doctor will give you a personalized plan at the end of your consultation and assign you to one of the three CMWL weight loss programs.

Those programs are:

  • Accelerated or Accelerated Plus: A six-week plan that includes one-on-one visits with your CMWL doctor as well as medical tests to monitor your weight loss and a high-nutrition calorie-controlled food plan. The Accelerated Plus plan also includes vitamin regulation.

  • LCD or Modified LCD: The Low Calorie Diet (LCD) is a high-nutrition calorie-controlled plan your doctor will prescribe for you and monitor closely. The Modified LCD plan is the same plan but your evening meal may contain more calories.

  • Appetite Suppressant: This plan uses an appetite suppressant as a way to jumpstart a weight loss program.

In a study of 349 individuals, 99% of the patients that followed the CMWL program of a low calorie diet and individual counseling with CMWL physicians did have a weight loss from their starting weight. The length of time these individuals were on the program varied from one month up to a year.

Anyone who is unhappy with their weight, from those who are obese to those who just want to lose 20 pounds can enroll in the CMWL program. If you are interested in weight loss surgery, the Center for Medical Weight Loss plan can help prepare you for the procedure by helping you to lose weight.

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  • Customized for you
  • Supervised by a medical doctor
  • Recognizes that there is no quick-fix to weight loss
  • One-on-one consultation creates accountability as well as serving as motivating support
  • Numerous locations throughout the country
  • Some plans include prescription medications
  • Insurance plans may or may not cover costs of program and/or medication, if needed
  • If a CMWL location is not near you, then you can't utilize the program
  • No pricing information available on the website

The three different CMWL plans contain different diet plans. Each weight loss plan comes with clear instructions on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

Most of the plans are typically very low in calories ranging from 800 to 1,200 a day. In addition, you are requested to drink the company shakes and nutrition bars and, in some cases, prescription appetite suppressants. As you approach your weight loss goal, food is gradually re-introduced into your diet.

In the Low Calorie Diet, several nutrition-rich liquid diets, meal replacement formulas, protein bars and soups are consumed as a way to lose weight. .

The Appetite Suppressant plan involves the use of FDA approved prescription diet pills to curb the appetite and jump-start the weight loss process.

In addition to diet, behavior modification is also encouraged as a way to manage healthy lifestyle behaviors over the long-term. Each CMWL diet is also accompanied by individualized counseling in order to monitor weight loss progress, make diet adjustments when necessary and offer continued and personalized support.


Exercise is an important part of any successful weight loss plan. An exercise plan will be thoroughly discussed and planned with your CMWL doctor upon evaluation of your current health status, current fitness level, lifestyle needs and weight loss goals.


Center for Medical Weight Loss is a medically-supervised weight loss program with locations all across the country. Its one-to-one support and guidance from a medical doctor assures you that you are receiving expert care as you work to lose weight and improve your health. Just be aware that plans do involve eating CMWL bars, drinks and shakes and some plans call for taking prescription medications as a way to help jumpstart a diet plan.

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POSITIVE experience for me.
Start weight: 265 lbs.
Weight after 10 weeks: 228 lbs.

I'm forty-six years old and I've struggled with weight for the last twenty plus years. Many times, I've lost weight exercising and dieting. Worked in an office environment for the last twenty plus years is a telling sign too of why I've struggled with weight.

When I would go to my family doctor he would always say eat less and exercise. That would anger me a lot, because I would think why isn’t he helping me. He was telling me the truth, but I needed help not just words. So, I decided to do something about it.

My observation and experience:

TIME is a valuable resource. I work long hours to support my family. My commitment to my family is where the remainder of my time is spent. The only time I’ve invested in CMWL is my appointments at doctor's office. This has been once a week and recently I've adjusted it to every other week. This weightless plan has been very effective for me when it comes to time management.

COST is another important factor. This is by far the hardest to manage. The only way I can justify this cost is my health. Not only my physical health, but my mental health. I see these health benefits already in my marriage because we have become more intimate.

Good luck!

posted Jan 21st, 2018 10:50 am


GREAT EXPERIENCE. After reading all of he above, I can't help but be thankful for the Dr, and staff in Enfield CT. Very helpful and attentive. I've lost 40 pounds in 60 days. CMWL food for breakfast, lunch and snack. Regular (low calorie) food for dinner. 1030 calories a day. I pay $3.00 a meal, you can do the math. Pretty cheap when you calculate what you would pay for 'regular' food. $20.00 scale fee and an insurance co payment for me is $20.00. Right now I visit the office once every two weeks. I'd highly recommend the Enfield and Windsor CT Office.

posted Nov 10th, 2017 6:54 am


The name of this diet is VERY misleading. There is nothing "medical" about this diet. It is a combo of very expensive shakes and a prescription of phentermine (which is an amphetamine). The indgredients in the "medical" food are not healthy and in no way something my doctor would recommend. The prescription amphetamine is addictive and an increased dose is required to keep up the same result (the feeling of not being hungry), causing it to be a very dangerous "DRUG". Of course, if you follow the plan you will loose weight. If you follow ANY plan consisting of only 800 calories a day, you will loose weight. Though? It is not sustainable and not healthy. In addition, the chances of regaining the weight are extremely high once normal eating habits are resumed, especially because the products are VERY high in sugar, so rather than weaning your body off of a sugar addiction (which paleo type diets do), this diet promotes sugar addiction worsening poor eating habits in the long run. This is another example of a very successful marking campaign, promoting junkfood as healthy. The name and marketing materials imply a safe and healthy diet backed by medical studies. It isn't. Save yourself a LOT of money, walk a bit, and eat lean meats and veggies!

posted May 30th, 2017 7:34 am


It is very hopeless. Very bad taste of products . They are not bought about patient only money it is very bad experience . I request you don't fool

posted Jul 17th, 2016 2:47 pm


Can I order the food on line?

posted Oct 11th, 2015 2:46 am


this is helpful

posted Oct 2nd, 2015 3:57 am



Has anyone acutally investgated medical weight lost? who are the doctors? I see that most of these reviews are from years ago, why?expensive yes, did not loose the weight that they plan on me loosing. strated the plan in may and it will end in august. was told i would loose 1-2 lbs a week, sometimes i did not loose anything. goal was to loose 30lbs 2lbs at week would have placed me with 26lbs but we did have a conversation that sometime you could loose up to 5lbs a week(nope) i have only lost 15lbs with them. did not see a doctor. only people in white coats. had b-12 shots, eta pills and also multi-vitamins to take, the cleansing pills were too strong for my system-caused severe hemorrhoids-bleeding. did try inches away. did loose some inches. there were definitely weeks that i did not loose any weight, but the staff was nice. wll not purchase again. but it did kick start my weight lost and i will continue what i have learned. went into this knowing this could go either way. praying that i do not get cancer from these pills. also bought some pills to help with belly fat too scared to try it after the cleaseing pills. my hubby did not want me to do this but i had to try so i can not get mad at the company. somethings work and somethings don't. still thinking about trying the sleeve????

posted Aug 13th, 2015 3:34 am

Carlos Sacraemnto


where can i order the products from without going to a clinic??

posted Jun 30th, 2015 5:03 pm


I just restarted the diet after having my baby , I go to the Glendora office in new jersey. I lost 15lbs in my very first week!! this diet works and yes anything that actually works is going to be costly it is not a scam I am a REAL PATIENT!!! This works!

posted Jun 19th, 2015 3:25 pm



Great program! lost 85 pounds

posted Feb 20th, 2015 9:51 pm



NYC, NY - I found this through a link offered by my health insurance. I was very skeptical at first but I was at a weight that wasn't allowing me to do simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs without heaving and wanting to pass out, I was desperate to try anything that would get me out of the "danger zone".

I found a clinic that stayed opened later one day a week that I could visit them after work. Did the consultation and the physician and his staff were all very accommodating. Not once did I feel pressured to jump into something I didn't want to jump into. Whenever I had a question, my physician took the care and time to answer me and explain that week of the program (you get pamphlets once a week that help you through bad eating behaviors and tips on how to be healthier). Folks, do your research before going into these CMWL places. The reviews I've read so far have been a nightmare.

Luckily, my experience was anything but. I opted for the 800 calorie option and lost 20 pounds that first month. It was VERY hard for ME as at the time as I was consuming over 3,000 calories on a regular day. I stuck with it for about 2 months and a half losing a total of 30 pounds but had to stop because like most reviews say, it was very expensive and I had other health expenses that I had to pay out of pocket for.

I should note, by the end of most days I was exhausted. I mean as early as 6pm on a weekday I was just dying to go to sleep. It could have been because of the limited calories, I'm not sure but I often had to fight the fatigue in order to exercise. I let my physician know during our weekly visits and he said it was normal to feel that way but I can't remember the reason why. Most nights I was in bed by 9 and that's fighting through the sleepiness because there are obviously things that must get done throughout the day, chores etc.

I'm not sure if this has happened to other people, but once I stopped and had to go back to regular food, everything just tasted awful! I mean just AWFUL. Once a soda lover, I can't go near the stuff and often look at people wondering how they can even take a sip of something that literally tastes like trash now (I say this with a bit of sadness, lol. I miss junk food but nothing tastes as it used to). I'm able to make better food choices and have just recently began frequenting a vegan/vegetarian organic restaurant near me because I can actually stomach the food. I wouldn't normally have gone near that place before deciding to lose weight.

If there was a way I could go back to this, I would as it takes the guessing out of counting calories and you're not always thinking about your next meal. Since stopping the program, I have gone on to lose a total of 50lbs and still going. I believe this program was exactly what I needed to jump start me into my weight loss journey.

Good luck to those who try this. You can do it!

posted Feb 4th, 2015 2:47 pm



this is the BEST diet I've ever been on. I don't understand anyone who doesn't like it. If you choose the right doctor, you WON'T be disappointed. I walked in, they put me on the coolest scale I've ever seen and showed me how my body is regarding water weight, muscle (haha), and fat. I didn't think I could afford the plan, but I only had to buy the products for a few weeks, so I decided to go for it. I'm down 33 pounds in 8 weeks! Ok, i know that's not like losing 100 pounds, but it was nice to have to go shopping for new pants!

I told my sister who also went to a doctor, but not my doctor. She is in TX and she didn't like him. So she went to a different one and clicked with the doctor there. IT'S ALL ABOUT PERSONALITY. the diet is the same, but you have to feel comfortable with the doctor and staff.

Is it expense? yes... I'm paying $160 per week. It includes the food. But after paying HUNDREDS of dollars on stupid diets over the years, I'm DONE playing with that.

So I look at it as, hey, I can spend money on frozen food with a thousand milligrams of salt or I can listen to my doctor. works out almost the same $$.

posted May 22nd, 2013 4:49 pm



I have been reading everyone's review and almost everyone say's the same thing about this program. In my opinion I don't think the program is at fault I blame the doctors. I went to a doctor in Orlando, FL his address is 30 Remington RD Ste 2 Oakland FL. I am giving u his address because I want everyone to be very careful when going there. I went in the office and of course everyone was very nice. Before I even did anything I asked them how much was the consultation and their response was don't worry it will be free for the consultation. When they measured my height they said I was 5'5 and not 5'6 when I said no I'm 5'6, only because I went to my regular doctor the other day and I was 5'6, the nurse said hahaha I try to tell people that also. Then she proceeded to take my blood pressure which she said was high. Just so you know I only went for 3 days and all they did was weigh me, which I had to pay for separately, take my blood pressure and did a diagnosis on me. After the diagnosis I was told that I had a sleep disorder. When I told them I didn't want the machine for the sleep disorder they drilled me about buying their food which came up to $350.00 a WEEK. I went to my original doctor to confirm everything and sure enough she told me I didn't have any type of high blood pressure the problem was they used the wrong cuff on me boy was I mad. When I finally cut them off I got a nice BIG letter from them saying I owed them over $500.00 >:( when I called to ask why they said it was the consultation I said I thought it was free they said no they didn't even try to cut it down instead they said oh well just make payments.
SUCH A THIEF.....anyways
I am now seeing another doctor who isn't like them at all all I pay is $100.00 a month for the pills, b-12 shot, and the consultation.

JUST BE CAREFUL everyone just like how there's good people and bad people there's also good doctors and bad doctors.

posted Apr 16th, 2013 10:13 pm


I was on a nine week program and signed up for a 30 lb wt loss. I did lose 17 lbs. Happy for that but then hit a wall and did not lose after that. I was constantly pressured to purchase more products and I did purchase a few but to me they made no difference. To them following the diet is not enough. When I signed up I they were very vague about the product purchases. Medical ??? I saw no doctor there during the nine weeks. I saw some nice people in white coats but I am certain they were not doctors or RN's. Because of my insistence to not purchase products they did not check my food journal for at least the last few weeks. THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS TO GET YOU TO SPEND $$$. Once again I am happy with the weight loss and I do have the diet and booklet to continue on my own now. I would recommend only to those with the warning that you will have to pay a lot and you still might not lose all the weight you planned. Other than that go somewhere else.

posted Apr 5th, 2013 12:37 am



It is a good plan, if you can afford it. The center provides behavioral modification as well. I see the medical director and owner of CMWL and he is terrific. If you choose a CMWL, make sure you decide which physician is best for you. Remember if you stick to it, then it will work. Theres three different programs, which I think is helpful for the people who can not manage food and have a lot of weight to loose, to the person who needs moderate assistance, to the person who can just do it on their own with guidance. It is costly, but not as much as all the fast food and junk we purchase!

posted Dec 3rd, 2011 11:35 pm


I was sincerely looking forward to this "physician assisted" Weight Loss Clinic; however, I never met the physician on my initial consult. Instead, a nurse, I assume, ushered me to a room, told me, very abruptly, to take off my shoes and socks and get on the scale, put my back against the wall to get my height which another person from another room echoed "Back Against The Wall." I could not believe how unprofessional they were! I was getting angry and considered walking out, but I had a paid upfront and didn't want to see my money wasted. We went back to an exam room where she took my blood pressure and told me that I had high blood pressure which was a first! I told her I had just been to the doctors the week before and 2 weeks before that and no one stated I had high BP. She looked at me as if I was lying. She walked out of the room. I was steaming at this point and REALLY wanted to leave but another person was going to come in and I thought I would give her a chance. She came in and immediately wanted my medical history. I told her that I would rather not go into all of my medical history when I did not know if I could afford the program and I would like to know what they offered first. If I decided to go with the program, I would gladly give all of my medical history. She was not happy about my request, I could see it in her face and hear it in her tone. "Well, we need to peel you like an onion to find out what plan is best for you." I said, "You offer 3 plans that I am aware of, is that correct?" She said, "Yes." Then she got the paper out and went over the 3 plans. Basically, I could go on a 800 calorie diet which is monitored. Supposedly this is a diet that people in a coma are on that sustains them. She stressed that I could not do this on my own and that it was important to have a physician monitor you with this. I guess so!! Now, I know why the blood work and the frequent visits are so necessary! The 2nd plan is a shot they give you called a Lipo shot and B12 injection, which helps melt abdominal fat and the 3rd plan is an appetite suppressant. You can pick and choose or use in conjunction with each other. This nurse was a bit nicer after chatting a while, but my overall experience was very negative and I would NEVER recommend the office I went to based on my experience. It is very expensive to go on this diet, and you would probably do as well if not better on other weight loss plans. I think if these doctors want to supplement their income and add weight loss to it by opening these PWLCs, they need to take it seriously and hire people who actually want to work with overweight individuals and treat people with more respect. One thing that is handy is a printout of your weight, BMI and how much fluid is in your body, how much your legs weigh and belly. It's an interesting breakdown, but they also use a scare tactic by giving percentages of your likelihood to have cervical cancer, and other cancers based on your weight. Most people who are going to weight loss centers know the danger in being overweight or they wouldn't be taking the time and spending the money to go there and frankly, those who don't know are probably better off not knowing in my opinion. I walked away with more anxiety than what I started with which was a quite a bit. I ended up going to my doctor again and I could tell he was annoyed as he said, based on my BP histories, I do not have high blood pressure and you cannot diagnose high blood pressure with one reading. Oh! and another thing, they had my height as 1/2 inch shorter than what my height norally has been, had that re-checked, too and I haven't lost any height! In a nutshell, the center I went to was like going to a haunted house--a real nightmare. This information is based on my experience and I truly hope that if you decide to check them out, you have a better office with better staff who actually care about you as an individual and not treat you as I was treated. It was a big disappointment and I wish I had not gone.

posted Nov 13th, 2011 12:19 am



I love it. It's the first time in my life that I've lost weight on any diet. Now it is a life style. I've learned how to eat properly and didn't realize I have some pretty awesome looking legs!! I'm thankful for all the chocolate I get to eat with the pudding nutrients and am never hungry. I consider the expense an investment that I can live with for the rest of my life.

posted Sep 20th, 2011 8:58 pm


West Bloomfield, MI: I hated this diet! It was the most expensive diet EVER and there were no phone calls or follow ups at all. The receptionists were in charge of giving me shots. The doctor, in Michigan, would not write me scripts to a pharmacy but you had to fill them there because she knows she wasn't being legit. I took the meds to my doctor who FLIPPED out and said it was like putting speed in your body and could cause a heart attack. She was giving out meds to girls who truly looked anorexic. I paid a lot of money to her and no one called when I stopped going. In addition, the doctor was creepy and would ask, "Have you been a good girl or a bad girl?" I honestly can't believe this place is still in business. I was very upset by the entire experience.

posted Aug 11th, 2011 9:49 am



I had first heard of CMWL from my Mother who was trying a new healthy eating program for my sister because she was very overweight. I live out of state but when I came home to visit my family in Michigan I was shocked at what I saw with my family. I just saw my Mother in March when she came to visit me for my birthday and just last week when I went to visit she has lost almost about 20 lbs, and my sister has lost 27lbs. It is not a hard plan to follow as long as you prepare your meals upfront. My mother has a great way of doing this by planning the meals for the week on Sunday. I started doing it as well, and I have already lost a couple lbs in 9 days. Now I have always been active in the gym and ran alot and I have never felt like I have in the past couple days ever! I am going to stick to it, I think its great!

posted Jun 24th, 2011 1:59 pm


HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I am a first time mother that works full time and this is not a diet for busy people. I have always been a healthy eater so after gainin a lot of weight during my pregnancy I thought this would take off my weight fast...WRONG! When I went to sign up they told me that this wont take up alot of time out of your day and that these meals are quick and easy to make and very affordable... NOT REALLY! I work 40 hrs plus a week and with the meal plan suggested for me there is not time for me to spend time with my daughter because when Im not working I'm preparing meals for myself or for the week! Sofar since I have been on the plan I lost 7pounds in over a MONTH when told I would be down 20 by now and I have been sticking to the plan as given.... Dont even get me started on how they gouge you for the fricken nutirents you have to eat thoughout the day and making you constantly rush to the grocery store since fruit and veggies dont last longer than 5 days! They also make you pay for a class to take after your done with your plan so you dont gain your weight back and dont give you enough food for your plan so you are likely to buy more products from them! Now that I'm off I have been losing more weight doing it my own way than listening to those money gougers! IF you have a busy life and not much
EXTRA time on your hands DONT EVEN THINK about doing this DIET!!

posted Jun 22nd, 2011 9:53 am


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