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Jennifer Rumple's Elimination Interview

Learn how Jennifer is preparing for the Biggest Loser marathon.

We're at the half-way point in season 12 and last night was the first time we really saw any of that reality drama. Jennifer Rumple was at the center of it and, unfortunately, it lead to her elimination. Most certainly the lowest trick in a treat-filled, Halloween-themed week for the contestants.

Jennifer says she was "isolated in the pool for weeks because of the knee injury," something that put a wall between her and the other contestants, including her own black team. Once she was released to more exercise, she found it difficult to integrate with the house, namely because alliances had been formed. All of this in spite of her efforts, and those of trainer Bob Harper's, to encourage other people to spend time in the pool, too. She says they usually opted for the gym or a walk on the presidential mile.

Jennifer also blames her position as a threat as part of her elimination. According to our Biggest Loser weight tracker, at the time of her elimination, she was in second place for total percentage lost. In six weeks on the ranch she'd lost 18.2% of her body weight, second only behind John Rhodes, who leads with 22.7%.

She is certainly not the only threat in the house, and names Ramon as one of them. That's why she chose to vote for Ramon rather than Vinny, who, she says, "attacked me unjustly."

While her last days in the house may have appeared rocky, it hasn't kept Jennifer from kindling a relationship with these few individuals she shares a unique experience with. Since then she says they've all spoken, a few have apologized and a few have noted that it was just a game. "I care about these people, I want the best for them," she said.

The other relationship she cared for deeply was that with her trainer, Bob Harper. "That man will change my life one day," she forecasted while watching Biggest Loser season 3. She knew if she had access to him, or someone like him, things would change, and they have.

"I'm forever grateful," she says about the man who knows how to push her like no one else.

Her trainer at home is also pushing Jennifer, calling him her "mini Bob." She says if you're looking for a personal trainer, find someone you can trust, feel safe with, and someone who pushes you.

Those workouts at home are preparing her for finale and the all-contestant marathon. She enjoys boxing, pool work, and running. Although, about that sport she says "I hate it when I do it but I love it when I'm not." Due to the injuries she sustained this season, Jennifer keeps in "constant connection" with trainer Sandy Krum and Dr. H from the show.

She also focuses on eating all the right foods - organic, fresh, and unprocessed. Jennifer says it's either "something with a mother or something that was grown." Not only does this help with her weight loss, but she says that, in general, she feels better and her skin even looks better.

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