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Aqua Team Brings Drama on Biggest Loser Season 13

The Aqua team is back, and so is the drama.

Courtney celebrates the aqua team's triumphant return to the Biggest Loser ranch, after they lost 60 pounds on their own in four weeks at home. There were no open arms for them, and fans far and wide vocalized their frustration with this season's drama, likening it to something we haven't seen since season six.

"There's always a story behind a story," Courtney notes in this week's video. We don't know "if there's other things going on behind the scenes." And we don't, but she thinks, and we'd agree, that the aqua team needs to be more embraced rather than treated like imposing outsiders.

"Attitudes need to get in check," Courtney said.

She thinks a change is coming, do you?

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I love the show but there hasn't been a season like this in a long time. First of all, Bob keeps saying that no one has ever left the show before now but they have. Rulon (weight lifter) left. But now for the meat of this e-mail. Conda is not a nice person. She needs to be more like her brother Jeremy whom everyone seems to like. She is a complainer from the first show when she said someone chested her in the first race. Did a re-do and she lost again. She is vicious and vindictive and producers need to rein her in. She talks about Dolvet and then kisses up to him. She blatantly cuts down other players and everyone just falls all over her. She is a bully. She was heard cutting down Adrian by Dolvet and no one thought anything about it. It just might mean that the whole team is like that. You could see the despair on Roy's face even with the beard. Oh well, I'll be there next week and see what happens.

posted Feb 8th, 2012 3:56 pm


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