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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 10

It’s Thanksgiving week at the Biggest Loser ranch.

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It’s Thanksgiving week at the Biggest Loser ranch! And we all know what Thanksgiving means…a lot of food. Apparently that doesn’t change when at the ranch. This week starts out with a temptation with all kinds of typical Thanksgiving dishes…and NOT the healthy versions, may I add. The temptation isn’t about how much you eat or how long it takes as temptations usually are. It’s simply the luck of the draw. There are 100 different plates on the table numbered from 1 to 100. Whoever gets the lowest number gets to choose one of three prizes. The second lowest number gets the second choice and so forth. The prizes are the following: 3 pound advantage, Cybex home gym, and $500 for every pound lost this week on the scale. It’s crazy to me, but EVERYONE eats during this temptation. Vinny takes first place and chooses the 3 lb advantage, Becky takes second place and chooses the home gym, and Antone takes third place and gets the $500 for every pound lost! When the contestants tell the trainers they participated in this temptation, the trainers were not at all upset with any of them and actually seemed happy that they had received these prizes. You just never know what you are going to get when it comes to this show!

During the workouts, tensions are high. I mean, week ten is crucial! It would suck to be all the way at the end of this journey at the ranch and have to go home early. On top of that, because Vinny has a 3 pound advantage, it basically gives everyone else a disadvantage. Everyone is fighting for their lives more than ever this week. John is especially on edge because he is the only player left on the red team and if he doesn’t lose enough weight, not only does he go home, but Dolvett will be done as well. The red team seems to have a curse like that on the ranch! It happened to Brett and myself last season. Will it happen again this season?

Bob talks to Vinny about his life at home and his girlfriend Lori. Lori has a son that Vinny wants to live for and he fights every single day for that child and the love of his life. Vinny also sings a song that he wrote for Lori and it is beautiful! I love his voice and I’m telling you guys, this man is going far in life with whatever he wants to do!

The best moment to me the entire episode is when the trainers make all of the contestants a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. The meal looks great, but what’s more important is the fact that they all talk about what they are thankful for in life. Bob opens up for the first time in Biggest Loser history about his family and his sister in particular. She is overweight and doesn’t have the want or will to change her life even though she’s surrounded by fit and healthy people. Bob says that Sunny reminds him so much of his sister and he hopes that his sister will watch this season of the show and “get it” and start to make a change. I love that we are hearing from everyone, including the trainers! It’s a great moment.

The challenge this week is hands down one of the most brutal challenges I’ve seen on the show. I say that because it involves the Jacob’s Ladder and I’m telling you right now, if you haven’t been on one before, you have no idea how hard it is! One minute on that thing will have you sweating like no other piece of equipment in that gym. And on top of that, they have to climb an ENTIRE mile on that thing!!! I can’t even imagine how they are feeling. Again, there are three prizes up for grabs! They are the following: 1 pound advantage for themselves and a 1 pound disadvantage to give to someone else, $2500 for themselves and $2500 to give to someone else, and the Biggest Loser meal plan for themselves and a meal plan to give to an eliminated contestant. These contestants climb and climb for hours and eventually John wins! He takes the 1 pound advantage and will reveal who he is giving the 1 pound disadvantage to at the weigh in. Sunny takes second place and takes the meal plans, and Ramon takes third place and gets the $2500 and gives Vinny the other $2500.

Again, tensions run high as everyone wonders who John will give the 1 pound disadvantage to. Vinny went to bat for everyone and told John that he could give Vinny the 1 pound disadvantage so it would take away one of his pounds from his 3 pound advantage and it really wouldn’t affect anyone so the game would be fair. The other contestants are skeptical because they think John is going to play the game and do what benefits him the most.

At the weigh in, John gives Sunny the 1 pound disadvantage. He went against the best thing he could have done for everyone else by giving it to Vinny and did what was best for him by giving it to Sunny. John only loses 5 pounds but has a 1 pound advantage. Everyone else weighs in and have fabulous numbers and it’s now between Sunny and John to see who is below the yellow line with Ramon. Sunny WOULD have been above the yellow line, but because of the disadvantage, she falls below by one 100th of a percentage! Talk about major game play and really bad luck. I feel so bad for Sunny! Everyone has to choose between Ramon and Sunny and ultimately Ramon goes home. John also voted for Sunny in the weigh in though, and I’m almost positive next week there will be a lot of tension in the house between everyone because of what happened! Ramon looks SO great! He got a haircut for his woman Jessica and they are just absolutely adorable together. They go skydiving for the first time as a couple and have an amazing time. I am so incredibly happy for these two love birds and now they can live a healthy lifestyle together and there is nothing like that! Congrats to you Ramon! I am so happy for you and your new life! You rock, my brother!

Take care and stay healthy over the holidays, loves! I believe in you! It’s all about moderation and you’ve GOT this!!! Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for everything in my life as we all should be!

Xo, Courtney

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