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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 11

Ken Paves is on the ranch for the much anticipated makeover week!

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This week starts out at the bottom of a mountain where Alison is waiting for the contestants. She tells them that it’s the infamous “put your weight back on” challenge and they are going a mile uphill with all of the weight that they’ve shed in the past 10 weeks. The winner of this challenge will receive a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in this week, which is huge and very crucial at this point in the game. This week will reveal who the final four are, so the one pound can make or break being a part of that. No one wants John to get this 1 pound advantage because they think he will benefit least from it and also because of what he did to Sunny last week. John and Antone are very close the entire race, but John beats Antone by a few steps and receives the 1 pound advantage. After everyone finishes, Alison tells the five remaining contestants that it’s makeover week!

Makeover week is everyone’s favorite week and it’s when you can really see the total transformations from the first week on campus. On top of getting completely made over by Ken Paves and having a shopping spree with Jeanni Mai, each contestant will get $5000 from Progresso Soup and free soup for a year! All five of them also get to walk the red carpet at the Kodak Theater in LA. It seems like a pretty awesome week to me!

After a long shopping spree with Jeanni Mai in Beverly Hills and the ultimate makeover by Ken Paves and the wonderful help at his salon, the makeovers are ready to be revealed! There’s no better way to reveal a brand new person than on the red carpet at the Kodak Theater. Everyone looks FABULOUS! I cried my way through everyone’s reveal because they not only look great, but I know they FEEL great and there is no way to explain that feeling that completely takes you over when you’ve realized how much you’ve truly accomplished. I am so proud of my Biggest Loser brothers and sisters for this moment. I hope they are SO proud of themselves! I love everyone’s makeover, but Becky looks absolutely stunning! As I’ve said from day one, she reminds me so much of my mom and just to see her glow the way that my mom glows now, it’s awesome.

As each of the contestants walks into the theater, they are met by their loved ones. Becky’s husband greets her with flowers and she is taken back because he has lost 50 pounds at home on his own while she’s been on the ranch! Talk about commitment! I love that he is proving it can be done from home too and that he is on board and ready for her to come home to a healthy environment. Vinny’s girlfriend Lori is also there and she is just beautiful. Vinny tells her that he was scared she wouldn’t like him this way and of course that’s not the truth. Lori loves him no matter what and that shows! John’s wife, Antone’s wife, and Sunny’s husband are also there to support each of them. It’s great to see the love radiate between each of them and the love that each of the contestants has for themselves now in their new bodies.

The families come back to the ranch with the contestants to meet the trainers. I love that the trainers talk to everyone to see where they are mentally and to be sure that when the contestants go home their families are on board and have a safe and healthy environment waiting for them. It’s definitely hard going home if you don’t have the proper support and it truly starts with speaking up and talking to the people closest to you. I love that the trainers are being stern with the families and asking for their help to make EVERYONE successful in the end.

The only workout that we see this week is the last chance workout and as usual, it seems grueling, but everyone is fighting to be in the final four. No one wants to go home the week before making into the final four so it is so important to do everything possible in these last chance workouts. It’s great to see the contestants reflect back to week 1 when they could barely walk and now they are sprinting on the treadmill like it’s nothing. Not only that, they have come so far mentally and that is what will make them successful in the long run and not just in the game. I am so proud of each of them for all they have accomplished!

The weigh in starts out with Sunny only losing 1 pound. She really wanted to be under 200 pounds, but she is 1 pound short of that goal. The rest of the numbers are great though and everyone is very happy. Antone lost 8 pounds, but that number still put him under the yellow line with Sunny. Both Sunny and Antone are threats in the game, so going into elimination, no one really knows what will happen. Ultimately, Sunny is voted out and is not in the final four. She looks so healthy and fit though!!! She looks like a brand new person and I am so proud of her! Congrats, Sunny!

So…we have our final four for season 12! John, Antone, Vinny, and Becky are in the final four and the coolest part about that is that each age group is represented! Battle of the ages has proved to all of us that age truly is just a number and it’s never too late to be what you might have been! Next week all of the at-home players will be running the marathon and I am excited to see who wins that and wins their spot back in the game! I have a feeling it will be a close one between a few people!

Talk to you guys next week! In the meantime, be sure you are staying happy and healthy this holiday season. I know how easy it is to slip up this time of year because you are going to “start over” in January, but it doesn’t have to be like that nor should it be. Make conscious choices daily NOW and you won’t have to start over in January!

Much love,


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