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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 4

Biggest Loser alumni return to motivate and inspire the contestants.

Are we really already on episode four of season 12 of The Biggest Loser already? It’s crazy this season is flying by! The episode starts off with the red team talking to Dolvett about how they had to send Patrick home last week. It just shows yet again that the red team is very close and they deeply care for each other. Something that Dolvett said to his team that really stuck out to me was, “Be proud of your weight loss-Be proud of your journey!” I think so many people get stuck on numbers and not the WHOLE total body and mind transformation going on as well. I think that Dolvett just gets it and I love to see him telling his team to be proud no matter what the numbers are.

This week is extra special because we have some AWESOME alumni coming back! Adam Hurtado from season 10 is back to encourage the red team to push to their limits this week. I think Adam was the perfect person to come back for the young group. He is such an example of what The Biggest Loser is all about! Hannah from season 11 is back to help the black team out.

And OF COURSE, my mama, also known as Mama Marci from season 11, is back in action to train the older team! My mom is such an awesome lady and always has such a positive message to send to everyone, especially these contestants that she can completely empathize with. Not to mention, she looks fabulous! She tells them to find their "powerful why” and figure out why they are there and why they are doing this. Anna gives them all a brutal workout on the beach and my mom does it right along with them. You GO, mama! All of the teams are looking great and much stronger than they were just four weeks ago.

I love that Dolvett is focusing a lot on Courtney this week. Courtney is a beautiful girl inside and out, but she doesn’t believe that about herself yet. She lacks confidence, but can finally admit that, and I feel like the first step to overcoming something is admitting it and then slowly but surely working on it. Dolvett pulls Courtney outside to the basketball court to shoot some hoops. At first, she doesn’t think she can play because she hasn’t in years. She shoots a few air balls, but then it’s almost instantly that something just clicked and I could actually see her start believing. When she started believing, she started overcoming and beating Dolvett at one-on-one. I loved watching this breakthrough with Courtney because I think she’s a girl that deserves and will get anything she wants in life is she just keeps believing! You go girl!

The challenge this week is really cool! Basically, it’s a line relay through all different types of weather. There’s heat, wind, rain, snow, mudslides, and all kinds of other obstacles. The whole team has to work together so they are really only as strong as their weakest/slowest link. The winners receive letters from home! It seems as though everyone is talking about how they miss their families and loved ones this week. I remember week four and how home sick I was. All I wanted was to hear from my family. When you are completely cut off from the world and have no access to anything, especially your family, it gets really tough very quickly. Letters from home are literally the best prize you can receive while at the ranch! It seems as though everyone agrees with me because the red, black, and blue teams are all fighting for this prize.

The red team was in the lead for a long time, but of course the black team caught up and they were neck-and-neck for the whole last half of the challenge. The black team pulls out the win in the end by only a few seconds, but every single team finished this brutal challenge. Alison tells the whole group that because all of them finished, they will all get letters from home! I love that because everyone truly deserves those letters. Because the black team won, they also receive video chats from home from their loved ones as an extra bonus. I love watching the black team interact with their families. It brings tears to my eyes because I know how precious those few moments with their families are. I think it only adds fuel to their fire to keep going and gives that them little extra push that they may need.

The last chance workouts this week are as brutal as ever! Anna gets to train the blue team in the new tennis court at the ranch. She puts them through a cardio circuit and she looks totally in her element on that court.

The black team’s last chance workout is in the pool and let me tell you, Bob’s pool workouts are no joke! I loved that Joe overcame his fear of swimming right before our eyes as well. He has almost drown numerous times in his life, so for him to even step foot in that pool says a lot about him. He looks like he has been swimming for years! I wasn’t even able to tell he was a rookie. Way to go, Joe! I’m proud of you for overcoming your fears as it will only make you stronger.

During the red teams last chance workout and this whole episode, Ramon really steps up as a leader. He is proving to his team, but mostly to himself that he is as strong as he’s ever been. I see something has just gone off in Ramon and I don’t think there is any looking back now! You go, boy!

And of course we have the weigh in. The blue team weighs in first with pretty low numbers, but Bonnie pulls a 7! Then the black team weighs in who beats the blue team. It’s down to the red team and blue team yet again. Courtney and Jessica have pretty low numbers, but that’s to be expected after they both have a great week the week before. Vinny and Ramon weigh in and pull out a victory for their team. The blue team has to go to the elimination room yet again. Here’s the kicker: Bonnie has the highest percentage of weight loss on her team so she is immune and since there are only two other people on the team, Bonnie has the only vote at this week’s elimination. Both Becky and Mike plead their case as to why they should stay, but Bonnie ultimately chooses to send Mike home. Mike looks great as I figured my fellow Hoosier would! He is ready for the marathon and to be fit at the finale. Can’t wait for next week!

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Breann F


What season of the Biggest Loser is Adam from? Um...what season is Adam from? Lol you said season 12, but pretty sure that's not quite right ;) That's all I wanted :)

posted Oct 11th, 2011 10:15 pm


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