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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 5

Sunny goes home and the fate of her team rests completely on her shoulders.

Week 5 on the Biggest Loser ranch is finally here! And in typical form and fashion, it’s go big or go home! The pop challenge this week takes place in the tennis court with a huge board placed in the middle. Alison tells the contestants that someone is going home this week! All they have to do is place their name card in the slot that the coin will fall into and they will be going home to see their family and friends. On top of that, the person who goes home is the only person on the team who gets to train with their trainer for the whole week AND their weight is the only one that counts for their team at the weigh in. On top of that, the one person gets immunity too, whether their team wins or loses. I would be extremely excited to go home and have immunity, but there is a lot of pressure and many pros and cons to this prize. Everyone places their name cards and Sunny is the winner! She and Bob are headed to Frisco, Texas for some Southern-inspired workouts.

The black team is very worried about Sunny going home and them having to rely on only one person. I can see why they are worried because it seems as though the chemistry of the black team is not the greatest. John does his own thing, Antone and Joe workout together, and Jennifer feels like an outsider. It is so important to have a great bond when you are working as a team at that ranch. Hopefully they can pull it together and continue getting healthy because that’s what matters most in that house.

In Frisco, Texas, Bob is putting Sunny through BRUTAL workouts to say the least. Bob has her running at a 10.0 on the treadmill, pushing weights across the floor, and running throughout the entire gym. Sunny has a moment in her first workout in Texas that brings her back to not-so-great memories. Kids used to laugh at her in the gym and specifically the hallway that Bob has her running in and she remembers how embarrassing that moment in her life was. Although it’s very hard for Sunny, she is having a huge breakthrough and getting over something that has held her back in her life. I am really pulling for Sunny this week!

This week’s challenge is really cool! Each person has to fill two glasses with orange soda and take them through a maze of ropes. On the other side is a cylinder with their team’s color on it and they have to fill the cylinder with orange soda. Whichever team does this the quickest wins a great prize! They get to send one person of their choice to The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge for two whole weeks. This prize means a lot to many of the contestants. What a wonderful gift to take home to a family member or friend. We all have someone in our lives who needs and wants a life change so this is the ultimate prize in my opinion. The red team pulls out the big win this week (finally!) and they are all so excited to tell their families when they get home.

The blue team’s workouts seem very hard, but exactly what Bonnie and Becky need to be doing. Bonnie kept talking about Anna and how she brings the worst out in her in the gym. Bonnie also thinks that Anna praises Becky too much and never praises Bonnie. In my opinion, a person should let it all out when they are working out and so if you get mad, sad, happy, or whatever other emotion…that is OK! Bonnie needs to realize that Anna is not the problem and is only trying to help her work through her emotions. When she conquers her mental beasts, the weight will start falling off even more so.

The red team wants to win this week’s weigh in more than ever this week! I can just see the fire in their eyes. Dolvett feels as though the whole team jokes around too much and turns everything into something to laugh about. He wants them to get serious and just lose weight. They really buckle down and do what they need to do.

Everyone is anxious at the weigh in because Sunny has their fate in her hands. The red team weighs in first with great numbers! The blue team is next and they beat the red team! Becky pulls an 8 which is huge for a woman of her size. The whole black team weighs in and their numbers aren’t as great as usual, but Sunny is their saving grace. Sunny lost 14 pounds while at home in Texas with Bob! All I can say is WOW. What an incredible week! Sunny proved that she can lose weight no matter where she is and that is huge for her and for others watching. You don’t need a ranch to change your life!

Unfortunately, the red team has to send someone home again and no one wants to leave. Jessica has immunity, so it’s between Ramon, Vinny, and Courtney. In the end, Courtney is voted out of the house, but she looks so great and is doing wonderful at home. I’ve always though Courtney was beautiful from the very beginning and as she starts loving herself more and her confidence is coming out, that inner beauty is coming out even more. I think she is a contender for the marathon too so let’s not count her out yet! You go, girlfriend! I am proud of you!

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