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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 9

The contestants compete as singles in a pentathalon, and Dolvett opens up about his adoption.

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Week 9 starts off with Alison in the living room, with a big covered poll box next to her. She tells the contestants that this week, they are no longer having to rely on their teams, as they are going into individuals. How exciting! She also tells the contestants that they will be participating in a pentathlon this week to earn points for the ultimate prize at the end of the week – immunity! It will be based upon both brains and brawn, so it’s anyone’s game. The downfall is that whoever comes in last place will receive a 1 pound DISADVANTAGE at the weigh in!

The first event in the pentathlon is simple. All they have to do is go into the poll box and rank the other six contestants in the order that they believe someone else should be crowned the Biggest Loser at the end of the season. Everyone has their own strategies to this – game play, friendships, and Sunny even puts her choices in alphabetical order. No one will know the results until the weigh in when the numbers are all tallied to determine who has immunity this week.

The second event is more of a physical event. Each contestant has a box filled with pegs with their names on them and they have to place pegs on the other contestant’s box. To retrieve the pegs, they go from one end of the tennis court to the other. It’s a game of speed. Sunny ends up winning this round, receiving 7 points. Ramon was taken out first in the game so he starts the week out rough with only 1 point. He will have a lot of catching up to do!

The third event might be my favorite of them all! It’s knowledge about nutrition. Alison asks the contestants 7 different questions regarding nutrition and for each correct answer, they receive 1 point. Antone gets 6 out of 8 questions right! He won this leg of the pentathlon. It’s a close game between Antone and Sunny at this point.

The fourth leg of the pentathlon is in the water! It’s all about strength and balance, both physically and mentally. The contestants have to balance themselves on a peanut that is in the water and pull themselves across the pool with ropes above their heads. I think this is more of a mental game more than anything and it’s all about getting themselves situation and in a groove. Bonnie is the only person who didn’t finish, and everyone else was very close time wise. Sunny ends up pulling out another win. Who knew Sunny was such a huge competitor next to these big boys! I love seeing this side of her.

The fifth and final leg is pretty awesome! First of all, Apolo Ohno is joining the contestants for this last race to finish strong. Each person has to run one mile (like they did the first week with their teams). It’s literally a sprint to the finish. Ramon FINALLY pulls out a win and runs his mile in under ten minutes! Everyone goes back to help Bonnie finish as well, which was such a great moment. The current standings for the pentathlon are very close and it will all come down to who won the first leg to see who wins immunity!

Something that I just absolutely loved about this week is that we were able to hear more of Dolvett’s story. He really opens up to John about his family life when he was growing up and how being adopted has affected him and his siblings. I think part of being a great trainer is always being 100% real, even if it makes you vulnerable. I loved seeing John and Dolvett bond in the sense of adoption, but also just as two men trying to be the best people they can be. I love that and I think Dolvett is a stand up man who is helping to change these contestants lives for the better.

Also, during the last chance workout, Bonnie tells Dolvett that she isn’t scared of anything. She has learned so much about herself since being at the ranch. I see an inner peace on Bonnie that I haven’t seen yet this season. I absolutely love her drive and her attitude now and I think she’s a brand new person from the inside out! I am so proud of this 63 year old lady who is taking control of her own destiny.

At the weigh in, tensions are high because no one knows who has received immunity. Sunny is in the lead by one point going into the weigh in. After all of the votes are tallied, Antone beats Sunny by ONE point and has received immunity this week. Bonnie ends up in last place and has a one pound disadvantage. Everyone weighs in and the numbers are all decent. Bonnie loses 5, but she is still under the yellow line with Becky this week due to her one point disadvantage. Bonnie asks everyone to vote for her, as she believes Becky deserves to be there and she is ready to go home. Everyone grants Bonnie’s wish and she is sent home.

I must say though, that this elimination was my favorite of the whole season. I feel like it was truly done out of love and you can tell that every single person loves and respects Bonnie in a huge way. I feel the same way about Bonnie and I wish her ONLY the best in life! Also, she looks wonderful after being home for a while. She is back with her family and she is kicking major butt at home! Watch out, guys…Bonnie could be the at home winner! Anything is possible if you believe it is!

Take that inspiration that you got this week from watching the show and let it fuel you to be the BEST you this week! It’s so important that you fight for your dreams every single day. They really do come true.

Love, happiness, and health,


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