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Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 10 Recap

Mark Pinhasovich recaps and reacts to this week's episode.

I'm sure everyone out there is still reeling from Arthur's elimination last week. I know I am. But I'm glad to report he is doing great! I actually met up with him for dinner last night as he is in town to do the Today Show and he has a great positive attitude about it all.

Looks like it's going to be captains for week ten! One captain is chosen for each team and it is quite obvious who it is going to be as they seemed to be the unofficial captains already: Marci for the black team and Justin for the red team. Now with this great power comes great responsibility. Each captain chooses one person from their team to be the only ones allowed in the kitchen for a week. They must also choose two people from their team to be the only ones allowed to work with the trainers for the week. The black team has Olivia in the kitchen and Hannah and Sarah with the trainers. The red team has Ken in the kitchen and the gym with Kaylee joining him with the trainers.

From what it looks like, the teams are really motivating each other. Olivia works hard in the kitchen to make sure everyone is eating right, which really cuts in to her workout times, so they go out and get her a spin bike so she can work out in the house! The red team seems to really enjoy Ken in the kitchen as well and his chili (although I will have to say I believe my chili is superior. That's it, Ken. I challenge you to a chili cook off!).

It looks a little odd for the trainers to only be dealing with two people all week, but you know what that does? More individual attention for them to kill them in the gym! Hannah and Sarah find some more of their inner strength in the gym, while Ken and Kaylee get to feel the weight they used to carry around in the beginning of the show with heavy backpacks. Marci and Justin lead their respective teams in workouts that teeter on the level of the trainer workouts.

This week's challenge gets down and dirty. My kind of challenge! The goal is to get across a 100-yard field of muck with obstacles in the way using only step 360s while not touching the mud at all. The prize? $6,000 to split up amongst the team. Because of the uneven numbers, black team must sit out one member. Marci chooses Courtney to sit out, who then, due to her competitive nature, has the most sour look on her face. It looks like the red team is blazing toward another win when they end up touching the mud and have to start back at the last obstacle and the black team passes them for the win!

This late in the game and there are still good numbers coming out of these weigh ins. The red team goes first with Justin, Rulon, and Moses all pulling an 8. The rest of the team pulls some good numbers as well. This will be tough for the black team to beat. Fives abound for the first three people so it is looking good so far, but then the numbers start to dwindle. Sarah with a 4, Olivia and Hannah with 2s, so that leaves Jen needing to lose more than 13 pounds for the victory. Only a one comes out and they are sent to the elimination room. Not a real shocker they picked Sarah, as she was new to their team. However, was this sort of a payback for Sarah having a role in Arthur's demise? We may never know.

Fast forward to current day. Sarah is down 92 pounds! She looks unbelievable and guess where she is training? TapoutT in Las Vegas. She is training with Robert McMullin, the legendary strength and conditioning coach. McMullin trained Koli from season 9 to win the at-home prize. Then, not too many people know this, he trained yours truly to win the at-home prize. Koli and I both lost significantly more weight than the actual winner of the show. Could Sarah be the next at-home champ? We shall see! Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC!

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