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Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 11 Recap

Mark Pinhasovich recaps and reacts to this week's episode.

Here we are again in the elimination room. Come on Ali, where’s the news? Where’s the mysterious twist? Come on in red team and join up with black. There will only be one team this week, the blue team! Here’s the kicker, if they lose combined more than they did the previous week, 64 pounds, then they are ALL safe.

Dr. H gives a little status update to some of the remaining contestants on their health. This is always a better conversation than the first one they had. Courtney and Marci are doing beyond well. Courtney’s body fat has dropped to that of the average woman and Marci is pretty much already at her goal! Moses had death looming upon him and that date was squashed. Rulon is also starting to regain some of his former athleticism.

Interesting little pop challenge here–one I always enjoy, cooking! Bring in Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia. They will be judging a cooking competition between everyone who is split into groups of two. They have 30 minutes to whip up a great healthy dish. The prize is the biggest loser meal plan for free through the finale. While there were some great dishes and some, interesting, dishes the two favorites were made by the Jen/Kaylee and Moses/Olivia teams with the latter getting the victory from the chefs!

I kind of like the way the workouts, umm, worked out. Bob and Jillian got to train the guys, while Cara and Brett got to train the gals. These brutal workouts are the ones I used to enjoy the most. They beat you down, but somehow you end up surviving! And you know what? By the end of the workout, you have the biggest smile on your face because you know you have endured, that you are finally there. There to stay!

This week’s challenge requires teamwork. It is a true testament of bringing everyone together for a phenomenal prize: a five pound advantage at the weigh in. However, there is also something on the back end if they do not complete it in time: a five pound DISadvantage at the weigh in. All they have to do is pull up a rope from under the dirt and answer trivia questions attached at points to set them on the right path where more of their team members will join them. If the entire team crosses the line in an hour and a half, they win! Sounds easy, right? Not so. The rope gets deeper and deeper as they go along and it looks like they won’t make it. With one final push, they actually end up winning with only 6 seconds to spare!

Now all the players need to do is lose more than 59 lbs. between 12 people and they are all safe. Not too shabby. The numbers look pretty good through Austin’s weigh in, as he dropped an 8. Then some smaller numbers come up, with Courtney at a 4 and Irene at a 2. Moses helps right the ship with a 6, but is it enough? Two of the smallest people there, Marci and Kaylee, have to lose a combined 9 in order to save the team. Marci pulls a zero and Kaylee actually gains 2. This means there is a yellow line and they are both under it. Marci knows she has reached her goal and conveys to everyone that Kaylee needs to stay and she needs to go. They grant her wish and send her home.

In this episode one of the true leaders of the season goes home, Marci. Everyone expresses how she has taught them so much and has truly had an impact that will go beyond her tenure on the ranch. Even though she reached her goal already, now is the challenge of maintaining that for the rest of her life, which I am sure she will have no problem doing. Tune in next week to see what shall unfold on Tuesday night at 8/7c on NBC.

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