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Failed Lap Band Patient Converted to Mini Gastric Bypass

Patient explains her choice for MGB over Lap Band

This patient talks about the side effects and complications she experience after having LAP-BAND surgery. Surgeons in Europe who have "banded" for over a decade (almost universally) are starting to do gastric bypass preferentially, or as "rescue or revision" operations on their failed LAP-BAND patients. Nevertheless, LAP-BAND is an easy operation to perform, with few early complications associated with the operation itself. As such, it is very popular with surgeons starting to do bariatric surgery, and has led to sometimes absurd references to outdated and antiquated data about gastric bypass in order for those surgeons to promote the LAP-BAND. No mention is made by those surgeons of the poor weight loss results, and the more alarming long-term complications associated with LAP-BAND.

An ideal operation should accomplish two goals:

1. Provide optimal weight loss.
2. Allow for normal eating habits and lifestyle indefinitely.

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Wow! I wonder where this girl is today. Did she have that bypass? If she continues to eat liquids like ice cream and milkshakes, does she really think she will lose weight.

posted Aug 25th, 2010 5:28 pm



I'd ask to see this patients daily food & exercise journal from the last year ! Quite obviously the rules were not followed carefully and she had no support... this is no reason to replace it with an inferior surgical procedure. The MGB has far more serious risks and youll find only Doctor Rutelidge trying to push this procedure on the public.

posted Jun 6th, 2010 8:17 pm

joe walsh


the lap band is a failure! Its crap! if overweight people could eat slowly and chew well and only eat healthy foods and only eat small portions they would not be overweight to start with! Its not her fault I have a lap band going on three years and I followed all the rules and guess what I've lost about twenty pounds in three years. It sounds to me like she had to small of a band put on to start with if it is still tight when empty its to small there is more than one size.I think the lap band has deceptive advertising I know four other friends that have had the lap band two have had a modest weight loss and the other two have lost almost nothing.its a crap shoot.i wish the girl all the luck in the world with your new surgery I am sure it will help! I will be rooting for you. I wish I had went with the bypass in the first place.

posted Oct 18th, 2009 10:51 pm



It was her fault that it failed. She didn't eat following the lap band rules, she didn't try and have fill removed, she just gave in and ate all the crap. It's no doubt that she wasn't chewing well enough- NOT ENOUGH EDUCATION and post op care guarantees failure. It IS her fault. She'll stretch the pouch out on her mgb too, and then will blame the Dr's for that too.

posted Mar 3rd, 2009 4:37 pm


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