Alison Sweeney Talks to Redbook About Staying Fit: “It’s Not About Dieting”

Alison Sweeney RedbookOn the Biggest Loser, host Alison Sweeney introduces contestants to their weekly sweat-inducing weight loss challenge. Always looking svelte and fashionable beside the big weigh-in scale, how does she stay so trim and healthy? In the January issue of Redbook magazine, Sweeney talks about her daily routine and even inspires the reporter to follow her lead.

I’m not a big fan of resolutions. . . because just like diets, I feel like you’re setting yourself up to fail. 

As an actress on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, Alison has been in the Hollywood spotlight for years. After the birth of her children, now 8 and 4, she admits the baby weight was tough to take off. After a variety of diets left her feeling tired and well – hungry, she decided to drop the word, “diet” from her vocabulary and instead, opted to, “overhaul her lifestyle.”

In some ways I’m sort of boring, I do the same things all the time

Consistency has made it relatively easy for Alison to control her daily calories. While some people crave variety, she makes healthy eating a habit, often eating her same favorite meals for days on end. “Every day I have oatmeal with blueberries, agave nectar, and cinnamon for breakfast – period,” she said.

How Ali Fits Exercise in to Her Hectic Schedule, and You Can, Too

  • Three days a week of intense cardio – She prefers running and spin class
  • One “long” workout a week that includes plenty of strength training like kettlebell lifting, boxing and CrossFit-type moves
  • On a family walk after dinner, she fits in a few squats and lunges
  • Watching a favorite TV show, she uses commercial time for push-ups and sit-ups

Does She Ever Cheat?

Thankfully she said YES, so now we don’t have to wonder if she’s really just a robot with lovely flowing hair. In regard to the diet splurge she said, “The key is making sure it’s the right splurge so you don’t have indulger’s remorse.” Alison also admits to the occasional vino indulgence saying a good wine is worth the calories.

An interesting side note about the reporter who interviewed Alison for the Redbook story. She was so inspired by the actress that she decided to follow Sweeney’s lifestyle for four weeks. The results? Even after giving in to a sudden weakness for an entire medium pizza, she still lost 6 pounds and noticed a significant drop in inches. The best part? The reporter admits that her healthy decisions have now become, “instinctual.” Grab one of those California pinots that Ali loves so much, we’ll drink to that!

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