Best Tasting Meal Plan Prize Shared by Diet to Go, Biggest Loser Meal Plan, and Chefs Diet

Three meal delivery diet brands just received a major hat tip from the food experts at Epicurious. Diet to Go, Biggest Loser Meal Plan, and Chefs Diet all received “three and a half forks” from the culinary publication, recognizing them as “Best-Tasting Diet-Plan Meals.”

These leaders in the meal plan delivery space, shipping low-calorie and nutritionally balanced meals out to health- and weight-conscious customers, won in a blind taste taste against eight total meal delivery companies. The tests were conducted by Epicurious as they sought to find diet delivery meals that were reasonably priced, tasty, and healthy. The judges ruled over criteria such as flavor, texture, and appearance of a variety of polutry entrees. Out of four possible “forks,” these brands each received three and a half forks.

For Diet to Go, their Thai turkey tenderloin over rice with green beans and grape tomatoes held its own at the competition. The judges said the turkey was tender, and unlike so many pre-made meals the vegetables remained crisp. The judges’ only negative comments referred to the amount of sauce on this particular meal, and they didn’t love the chocolate brownie or chocolate pudding that come as dessert options. They claimed they tasted somewhat artificial.

In our own in-depth review of Diet to Go, our Chief Mom Carmen Staicer also raved about the quality of the service. “I give Diet to Go two thumbs up. It’s a delicious, convenient, non-stressful way to plan your meals and stay within your selected calorie range.” Compared to grocery store frozen meals she’d previously tried, these meals left her feeling more full and satisfied. “I found the entire week of food to be outstanding in quality, taste and convenience,” Carmen concluded.

Biggest Loser Meal Plan had their Roasted Chicken Breast, Cranberry-Walnut Wild Rice and Caramelized Onions under review. The judges remarked that it looked homemade and couldn’t be mistaken for ‘diet food.’ They loved that meal nutrition information and ingredients were posted on the site for review before ordering. They were less impressed by the lack of vegetables in the meal and the  rigidity of this plan, which does not allow for desserts.

On Chef’s Diet, the judges were treated to Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast with Sauce Choron, Broccoli Spears and Aztec Whole Grain Blend, a dish they so enjoyed they couldn’t believe it was healthy. They loved how user-friendly the brand is for customers. They didn’t care for the limited delivery restricted to LA and NYC.

There were two losers in this taste test. Jenny Craig was accused of being too salty with an “excessive” list of ingredients. Nutrisystem met a similar fate, being deemed too salty, bland, and processed.


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