Biggest Loser: Episode 4

There are four words that sum up episode 4 of Biggest Loser: Couples…

Yellow. Team. Brought. It.

If you haven’t watched this intense, dramatic, twisted episode yet- then don’t read this post because I’m going to spill it all. Episode 3 last week wrapped with the white team being removed, followed by host Ali asking who they would vote to remove if they could choose one more. A three way tie between Black, Yellow and Purple was settled by a deciding vote by the Pink team- Yellow Team.

The twist- that the contestants, viewers and even the trainers didn’t see coming- they weren’t sent home. Instead it was them versus everyone, 1 versus 6, 6 versus 1. Yellow team had to beat the average percent weight loss at this week’s weigh in- or immediately go home. If they did beat the average of all the other teams- then they would have sole choice of elimination.

This is a team that two weeks ago was up for elimination, then came all the way back and won Biggest Loser team of the week last week. They also got their choice of trainer- so they worked exclusively with Jillian all week and everyone else only had access to Bob.

One of the things I love about the show is that the trainers aren’t on the inside of anything. They never know who has been eliminated. They never know what’s going on with the twists and turns of the game. They’re innocent bystanders just like the contestants. Making the show and the game all the more interesting.

Alliances started being made- and everyone planned to gang up on the black team. Orange and Blue decided they would throw their weigh in this week, in order to reduce the percentage of weight lost and allow Yellow team to eliminate the Black team. So the typical “reality show” side of things started showing its ugly face.

I was so impressed with Kelly and Paul of the Yellow team. They just kicked it in to gear. Paul was sneaking into the gym in the middle of the night for extra workouts. And when it came time for this week’s challenge- Paul single-handedly beat the other 12 people. The prize- letters from home. Kelly was SO excited… but she and Paul had agreed that those letters would be nothing more than a distraction when they needed to give this game all they had and more. When presented with the prize, one coveted by every person in that house, Paul responded “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” They turned over the letters to the other six teams. HOW SWEET! He kept trying to be “a warrior”… but Paul, we know you’re a sweet guy.

A lot of stuff happened on that show last night- but I just have to concentrate on the force that is Yellow. Unbelievable. They went into weigh-in, which Paul called Judgment Day, and surprised everyone with their secret weapon. Their prize for team of the week was an extra two pounds off at weigh in. The producers also had a secret- the team of the week at this weigh in would earn immunity. So when Mark and Jay of the Black Team pulled a whopping 4.64 total percentage weight lost taking first place— SLAP IN THE FACE for all of the people who threw their weight so that Black would be sent home. No one saw that coming. Everyone had stellar numbers this week, except for Blue and Orange. And I seriously think had they not thrown their weigh in, which Dan happily admitted to, then Yellow would not have won.

But they did! They had to beat the average of 2.81% and weighed in with 3.39%. They won. Those two little engines that could beat the other six teams. They made the wrenching decision to send home Pink (which devastated me). In true Bette-Sue fashion she announced “We’ll come back skinnier than all of you damn people!” She’s one tough cookie and I believe her.

Next week we have Jillian crying to look forward to. Looks like it’s going to keep getting even more twisted as they aren’t eliminating teams anymore, but individuals. Which, doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of a Couples/Teams season?

Here’s a new addition to the weekly episode blog:
Quote of the week:
Ali while training exclusively with Bob Harper– “Bob has flipped a nut and I’m scared for my life.”
Cry of the week:
Everyone reading letters from home.

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