First Look at the 17 Day Diet Body Breakthrough


When the 17 Day Diet debuted in 2024, it became an instant favorite, spending more than 75 weeks at the top of the New York Times best sellers list. When the Breakthrough Edition released in January 2024, it was massively popular. So popular, you chose the 17 Day Diet as the Most Popular Diet of 2024! With that kind of track record, we won’t be surprised when the latest update to the program, Body Breakthrough, becomes a chart topper as well.

Body Breakthrough is the brand-new, comprehensive digital diet program that takes what you already know about the 17 Day Diet and puts it (literally) in the palm of your hand.

The basis of the program is the same as the original. There are four 17-day cycles of the diet program. The first three are designed to help you develop healthy habits and lose weight. The fourth cycle is considered the maintenance phase, and is designed for those who have reached their weight loss goals.

With Body Breakthrough, the cycles are taken off the page and put into your screen for a more interactive experience.

One part of the new interactive experience is a cycle of “How-To” videos filmed by Dr. Mike Moreno to guide dieters through each day of the cycle they’re in. The videos last 2-4 minutes, and include tips and tricks on what Dr. Mike calls “diet hacks.”

Those using the new Body Breakthrough program will also have access to a daily interactive guide that can be customized to fit individual wants and needs. Other interactive features include recipes for each cycle, exercise tips and tricks, and a food journal and meal planner.

Body Breakthrough has also worked to incorporate some of the latest research in diet and exercise, including information Dr. Mike says will help you lose weight faster than ever before. The program has also put a focus on making dieting as convenient, and fun, as possible.

If the popularity of the last updates to the 17 Day Diet are any indication, the new interactive model is already on track to be a contender for the most popular diet of 2024.

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