How Mario Batali is Losing Weight

mario bataliThere is yet another story of a celebrity chef losing weight after seeing themselves in the media. Although 49-year-old Mario Batali does want to look better, it’s not all vanity. He also says he wants to have a longer life with his family. Portion control and some light exercise have helped him lose 45 pounds thus far. His goal is to get down to 200, from the 280 pounds he weighed before he started this journey.

So how is Batali doing it when it is his job to surround himself with wonderful food all day long? He has made statements about caloric balance that suggest that he understands that food is the body’s fuel primarily, even though it can be enjoyed. Despite common weight loss advice, Mario is not eating breakfast, but finding energy in the morning from espresso. Throughout the day, he says that he tries to eat salads and vegetables, only adding protein in the evening. He states that he also eats only half portions when eating at restaurants.

Batali hasn’t yet said if his cooking will change. For someone who has focused on Italian cuisine throughout most of his career, it’s surprising that carbs weren’t mentioned either way in his diet strategy.

Mario, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and others, was a key part of a series on PBS entitled Spain…on the road Again which featured Spanish cuisine. You may have also seen him on Molto Mario, Mediterranean Mario, Mario Eats Italy, Ciao America, and Iron Chef America. He has also written several recipe books.

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