Jennifer Aniston and Her Yogalosophy Workout

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Whether it’s her current love interest, her famous ex-husband or her once trademark haircut, Jennifer Aniston always garners attention, but when it comes to her body, it seems as if the paparazzi light bulbs won’t stop flashing. With one of the most enviable physiques in Hollywood, Aniston always seems to perfectly rock a red string bikini or a pair of tight jeans.

While some actresses stay mum when it comes to their fitness and diet secrets, Aniston has been very vocal about her devotion to fitness and yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber and her hybrid style of yoga, Yogalosophy. In fact, Aniston credits Ingber and her amazing mind, body and spiritual yoga routines for transforming not just her already amazing body, but also her ability to see the world from a place of calm and lightheartedness.

“Mandy brought yoga into my life. I’m excited for you to get to experience her, too,” Aniston reported to Self magazine. “This workout will change your body and your mind. This is one of the most fun, challenging workouts I’ve ever had.”

So just exactly what is Yogalosophy?

Ingber’s unique approach incorporates yoga asanas, or postures, with specific toning exercises that are designed to give you sleek and sculpted muscles, a cardio workout and a sense of equanimity. It may sound like a tall order, but keep in mind that yoga’s inherent ability is to unite the body, mind and spirit. Ingber adds her own twist by pairing her inspirational words and thoughts, and in between yoga postures, adds in cardiovascular exercise.

Ingber’s mantra is “having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.” So even though so many of us think you must look like Aniston or her other celebrity clients like Brooke Shields, in order to do her workouts, Ingber’s supportive and inspirational message makes her workout DVD, Yogalosophy and her website all the more accessible.

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