Soleil Moon-Frye Celebrates 23 Pound Weight Loss with Nutrisystem


Known best as the 80’s child star of Punky Brewster, Soleil Moon-Frye is back in the spotlight after losing 23 pounds. She credits Nutrisystem’s Fast 5 and My Way, a program she is emphatic about.

“It has just been amazing,” Frye gushed to this week. She went on to discuss how after having her third child, her baby weight was “just not coming off and I had to figure out a way to lose it!” Through a friend who had been using the program, Frye learned about Nutrisystem and hopped online to sign up.

“In the first week, I dropped five pounds and thought, ‘I can do this.'” The ease combined with the health benefits of the program kept Frye on track. Though she explains that some weeks she lost a pound or two, and other weeks it was a bit more, the fact that it was done in a healthy way was important. “I am able to eat all the things I love, and I am able to enjoy the things I eat,” Frye explained. 

soleil moon frye before afterBefore: 7 months ago before the Daytime Emmy’s; Instagram. After: Down 23 pounds with Nutrisystem.

As far as cravings and sweet-tooth-fighting goes? Frye explains that there is such a wide range of food that she gets to eat, even her sweet-tooth is well-nurtured.

Nutrisystem’s My Way is a program that really works on an individual level. Frye explains that it is “important to know that you can design the program to work with you,” all while focusing on “eating healthy and in the best way possible for you.”

Soleil Moon-Frye is one busy woman these days. She’s moved on quite a ways from her Punky Brewster days — she was 7 when the show started; today she’s a 38-year-old mom of three! She currently runs an organic specialty clothing shop for children as well as a blog and a web series that focuses on women’s issues and child rearing. As well, Frye hosts Home Made Simple on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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