Body By Vi Diet vs. Medifast Diet

When it comes to diets, many people look for a program that does most of the work for them. When it comes to weight loss, nutrition is key, and programs that can plan out your meals, tell you what to eat and when came make the whole process a lot easier. Two popular meal services are the Body by Vi program and Medifast. Both provide you with meal options, Body by Vi with meals replacement shakes, and Medifast that delivers full meals to your door. We’ve weighed the pros and cons for each so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Body by Vi allows you to purchase kits filled with meal replacement shakes to take the place of one or two meals a day, depending on your goals. Each kit that is available will come with a set amount of meal replacement shakes and range in price.

Medifast is a meal delivery service that sends high protein meals directly to your door step and was named #7 on the list of the Best Commercial Diets by US News in 2024. By controlling portions and calories, Medifast claims users can expect to lose up to 20 pounds in their first month on the program. Medifast’s success has been proven in multiple clinical studies. A Johns Hopkins study found Medifast helps dieters lose weight quickly and safely. The study also found Medifast helped type 2 diabetics lose 2 times the weight of those following the American Diabetes Association’s dietary recommendations. Medifast also shows positive results in those with hypertension and high cholesterol.


Medifast is reasonably priced, and saves you from having the extra expense of buying additional food. All of the Medifast products are available for purchase online, with a few  physical centers throughout the country where you can also purchase meal items. You can choose to go to a center, but you can complete the program online just as easily. Prices vary based on what foods you pick, but you can get 2 weeks worth of meals and snacks for around $160.00, but for more accurate pricing, see the Medifast website.

Body By Vi offers kits for purchase and many users have complained the price of the kits plus the addition of grocery shopping expenses to fill in meal gaps can be tough on the wallet. Kits range from $49.00 to $348.00, but for more accurate pricing, see the Body By Vi website.


The Medifast menu consists of shakes, bars, soups, and other sides you can pair to create your diet each day. Medifast offers 70 meal choices to satisfy different tastes and dietary needs. Medifast supports Kosher, low glycemic, lactose-free and vegetarian diets and even has specific plans for men, women, and diabetics. The Medifast plan takes the guess work and actual work out of eating, but some find cutting carbs to be difficult and can make social situations like parties and dates hard to navigate.

The Body by Vi kits include meal replacement shake mixes with multiple servings and separate flavor mix-ins (30 servings and five servings of flavor mix-ins). Depending on your kit, you will drink one or two shakes a day, and the prepare and eat sensible meals and snacks. The more expensive kits include supplement tablets, supplement mixes and energy drink mixes as well. Physical meal requirements will vary based on which kit you follow, but additional cooking is required for each Body By Vi kit.


The Medifast website offers an exercise guideline document, but there is no specific workout program available. Medifast encourages daily exercise, but how hard and how long you workout is up to you. Medifast does recommend, however, waiting two to three weeks before introducing exercise to your routine. You should also consult your physician if new to exercise. If you have been exercising consistently prior to starting Medifast, they recommend you reduce your intensity for the first couple of weeks so your body can adjust to the lower calorie levels of your new diet, and do no more than 45 minutes of vigorous exercise daily.

With Body by Vi you will receive access to various online instructional exercise videos. You are able to choose what exercises meet your individual needs and watch only the videos that will help you. There are two exercise plans to choose from with each kit, one for beginners and one for people who already exercise regularly.


For more than 20 years, Medifast has been the answer for many people’s weight loss struggles and help manage pre-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Medifast is convenient and takes little planning, perfect for busy, on the go dieters.

The Body By Vi line is available through a company called ViSalus Sciences. ViSalus Sciences uses a network marketing structure to find distributors and customers for their products, a structure resembling the “pyramid scheme” where you make money from the products you sell and signing up others to sell under you. Because of this, you have to have the information of someone that is a distributor for ViSalus.

With doctors and studies on their side, plus a more moderate price tag, it seems Medifast comes out on top. If you like to have more control over your food and a little extra money to spare, Body By Vi may be best for you.

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