Jared and Subway celebrate 10 years of weight loss

Jared Fogel, the “Subway Guy”, is on a nationwide tour promoting 10 years of maintaining his nearly 245 pound weight loss on what is now known as The Subway Diet. Amazing. He’s currently on a nationwide tour supported by a national campaign from Subway to celebrate and promote the achievement. You can sign his pants as a testament to your own commitment to follow a healthy diet and enjoy other interactive activities on the Subway site.

I’m really proud of him, and equally proud that Subway is beginning to take a serious stand in promoting healthy dining options. The new kid’s meal is terrific: Mini sub, raisins, yogurt, and low-fat milk. Subway is a healthier option than the USDA-subsidized school lunch your child eats everyday, and that was before the beef recall.

Diets In Review congrats Jared on such a monumental achievement in health and weight loss- and wish you luck in your continued efforts and success.

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