The Ellen DeGeneres Happiness Diet: 7 Ways You Can be Adorably Healthy and Joyful, too!

Want to radiate health and happiness like upcoming Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres? Here are seven lifestyle habits that the reigning comedy queen prioritizes in her life!

1. Eat Lots of Veggies.

Ellen follows a vegan, or at least primarily plant-based, diet. She went completely vegan after learning more about the sources of meat products, but has recently reintroduced sustainably-sourced eggs. She offers her thoughts on easing into plant-based eating here.

ellen cooking

2. Laugh. 

It’s no secret that Ellen isn’t short on the giggles, so there must be some connection to this and her radiant joie de vivre. Laughter has been shown to clinically lower blood pressure and heart rate, promote weight loss, and reduce stress. 

Ellen laugh

3. Dance.

During each one of her shows, Ellen dances for a few fun minutes with her audience. This unstoppable combo of exercise and fun are sure to blast calories, and boost serotonin (the happiness hormone!).

ellen dancing

4. Positive Relationships. 

Ellen and wife Portia serve as role models for healthy, loving relationships of all kinds. Learn from Ellen and surround yourself with people who will love and support how awesome you are!

ellen portia

5. Compassion.

Ellen is known for her grand gestures of giving back to people who truly deserve support for a variety of reasons. We all have something we can share to bring more joy to others: if not money then time, knowledge, or simply a smile. Get started with the Compassion Diet!

ellen giving

6. Self-Confidence and Acceptance. 

We can all learn a thing or two from Ellen about loving ourselves for who we are, what we look like, and what we do. Struggling with a positive body image? No matter where you are in life, find ways to recognize all you CAN do and see the beauty in your body, mind, and talents. Start small: find one beautiful thing about yourself every day!

ellen body image

7. Commitment to an Exercise Routine. 

Ellen is a devoted to her fitness, especially yoga, and often mocks it ruthlessly. After all, she’s always willing to laugh at herself as she learns something new. Check out her rendition of….Warrior 1? Warrior 2? Regardless, it’s still funny and she’s still awesome!

ellen warrior 2

Stay tuned TONIGHT to watch returning host Ellen rock the Academy Awards at 7 pm eastern time on ABC.

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