Why Kristin Davis, Courtney Cox and Donna Karan Love the Tracy Anderson Method

tracy anderson methodHollywood stars are gorgeous and fit and seemingly fabulous in every way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No matter how much we hate them for it, we’re still constantly curious about how exactly they go back getting “those arms” or “that butt.”

A few darlings of the Hollywood set have opened up about using star fitness trainer Tracy Anderson to whip them in to shape. Via Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter, a long-time follower of Anderson’s workout method, Kristin Davis, co-starring in May 28’s “Sex and the City 2,” Courtney Cox, of ABC’s “Cougar Town,” and fashion designer and philanthropist Donna Karan explain why the Tracy Anderson Method works for them.

The best news? With her DVD series, which the stars use too, you can work on your Hollywood body at home.

courtney coxCourtney Cox says her fitness philosophy “is to be active in life and enjoy what I am doing. I have always loved exercise and feel that being active is important to maintain not only physical health but mental health as well.” She started using the Method when she saw the results friends were enjoying. Courtney says during each of her hour-and-a-half Method workouts she is challenged mentally and physically. Using the Method, Courtney says “I have seen amazing results that I never thought were possible. My butt has lifted, my arms are sculpted, and my skin is tight and actually clings to the muscle again.”

kristin davisAs for Kristin Davis, her fitness philosophy involves thinking healthy and seeking exercises that don’t bore her to death. Kristin became intrigued by Tracy when she saw “how strong she looked without being bulky,” and then learned that she shared a philosophy with Tracy that women shouldn’t use heavier weights than three pounds. “The thing that I am most impressed with about Tracy’s Method is that it really does elongate and tone muscle,” Kristin tells Goop, “I’ll notice that when I rest my hand on my leg, I feel a muscle in a place that used to be soft. And that amazes me.”

donna-karanFashionista and long-time yogi Donna Karan says her fitness philosophy “incorporates mind, body and soul.” She learned about Tracy Anderson through a friend, and found that she and Tracy “shared the same passions about women and their bodies;” with Donna trying to dress them beautifully and Tracy helping them re-sculpt their bodies. She enjoys using the Method for herself because she claims it’s never boring, she sees results and it keeps her mind and body engaged.

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