7 Healthier Spring Weight Loss Methods That Work


We are well into the swing of 2024. How’s it going so far? Do make resolutions and then walk away? Or do you check-in with yourself? Spring break is the perfect time to reassess your progress to goal and what you can adjust to help keep you on track and see that resolution through to the end.

If you’ve tried something that didn’t work for you, maybe consider switching gears a bit. Or if you’re using spring as the impetus for making healthy changes, then you’ll need a place to start.

Here are new players on the weight loss scene — big program changes to age-old standards a few exciting new faces that deserve your attention!

The Atkins 40

Atkins revealed a new diet plan at the start of the year, a fresh take on their famous low- or no-carb way of life. The Atkins 40 is a new, revised program that focuses on sustainability and results. People are encouraged to eat from all of the major food groups, starting at 40 net grams of carbs instead of the previous 20. The program is best designed for people who have less than 40 pounds to lose.

What You Can When You Can

The #WYCWYC meme has taken the social web by storm, and this incredibly refreshing theory will be available in a book in just a few weeks. Written by Roni Noone and Carla Birnberg, the What You Can When You Can philosophy focuses on living in the moment — something that will likely appeal to everyone. The book will be released at the end of April, thanks to a hashtag that has already gone viral. If a healthy lifestyle on your own terms appeals to you, without any pressure or guilt, then it’s time to see what you can do… when you can!

Women’s Strength Nation

Holly Perkins, a renowned strength and conditioning expert, has been giving courage and strength to women for 20 years. She focuses on fitness for women, but not for the direct purpose of weight loss. Through Women’s Strength Nation, which launches in San Diego in April, Perkins offers one-weekend, live events where you can work one-on-one with her to better understand everything from the weight room to self-worth and empowerment. Still to come are online video instruction, web tutorials, and demonstrations that help women better their bodies and their minds. This program will be a great complement to her new book, Lift to Get Lean, out April 14.

Jenny Craig and Curves

The combination of Jenny Craig with Curves offers their clients a more well-rounded fitness and wellness approach all from one place. The two mega brands joined together last year, offering clients all of the tools they need to reach their goals. Throw the new Jillian Michaels workouts into the Curves mix and you’ve got a pretty no-nonsense approach.

5 Weeks to Sugar Free

Written by Davina McCall, the 5 Weeks to Sugar Free plan focuses on a process that will eventually cut out processed refined sugars, simple carbs, and high glycemic foods from your diet. This lifestyle is appealing for people who are willing to swap their typical indulgences for healthier versions.

The 20/20 Diet

Released earlier this year, Dr. Phil McGraw’s new book, The 20/20 Diet, focuses on ending the roller coaster of dieting. McGraw addresses what he considers the seven roadblocks of weight loss. There are 20 key foods that McGraw outlines that he believes support weight loss due to their ability to burn calories and make you feel full.

Nutrisystem’s Fast 5+

Nutrisystem’s new plan is called Fast 5+, which aims to help its customers lose five pounds plus one inch in the first week of their diet. If it doesn’t work? You are guaranteed your money back. Fast 5+ is an additional part of the standard My Way program, something that has worked for big names like Soleil Moon Frye.

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