Apple’s Upcoming Health App Predicted to Break Boundaries

With the growing popularity of virtualized health tracking apps, Apple is sure to have something coming down the pipeline soon not only to compete, but to surpass.

9-to-5 Mac  released details on Monday regarding their new project, and is projected to be “a tipping point for mobile healthcare”. They’re calling it Apple Healthbook and it’s designed to track blood sugar (huge factor for those with diabetes!), heart rate, breathing rate, weight, hydration, sleep, nutrition,  physical movements, and health test results, among other stats.

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How will this app stand out from the rest? One company, for example, offers over 40 health and fitness iPhone apps alone. It is said that virtual health tracker and resource apps can significantly reduce healthcare costs and are predicted to one day be subsidized by healthcare providers to promote their usage.

Apple Healthbook wont attempt to necessarily compete with the growing market of other health apps, but perhaps try to unify them. Similar to Apple’s Passbook where you can manage all flight and travel information regardless of the app or source, Healthbook will compile and analyze data from all third-party devices and sensors, essentially boosting the entire ecosystem of healthcare technology companies.

Healthbook is said to be preinstalled in all upcoming iOS 8 devices, rumored for release by the end of 2024.

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