Biggest Loser: Episode 13

Last night’s episode of Biggest Loser could be summed up in two words: Girl Power. At least that’s my interpretation. The other two-word set could be: One Pound. The episode was certainly less dramatic than most in the past few weeks, but definitely presented its own little nuggets of drama.

Biggest Loser KellyKelly is the last woman standing from Jillian’s black team. While it now includes Ali, she’s not removing that pink shirt any time soon. I have to say that I’m a little surprised that Kelly has hung this long. Self-doubt can trip anyone and she’s had plenty of it. More than anything for her, I hope that she leaves Biggest Loser a more confident person. She’s pushed herself beyond the limits of anything she ever dreamed for herself, and the results are showing.

Ali is a fierce competitor and one who should be taken seriously these next few weeks- if they weren’t already. During the weigh-in she had reached the 85 pounds lost mark. She’s now lost more weight at the ranch than any other woman in Biggest Loser history. Guess what- she’s not done. If there’s a female who can take the top spot at finale, I believe it’s Ali.

There was an impromptu pop quiz last night that had all the competitors shaking in their New Balances and spandex pants. They were taken into the elimination room with one of the fear-striking silver platters in the middle of the table. Alison said the last man standing in the quiz would win whatever was under the cover. That man was Dan. One of the funniest moments in the show was Alison removing the cover to reveal a slice of chocolate layer cake- a 600 calorie slice she informed. Dan’s face, expecting a trip, cash or gold coins, collapsed into a bewildered “Thank You?”.Biggest Loser Couples

Alison told Dan he could do anything he liked with the cake- but she recommended he take it to the challenge untouched. That cake was treated like a new born baby- it went to bed, to dinner, to the gym- all in an effort to keep anything from happening. Upon winning the quiz, he bragged that it made him the smartest person in the house. I had to doubt those smarts a bit when the cake went missing and a note forged by Roger indicating that Kelly had stolen it was actually believable. Dan- my friend, I saw right through that hoax. You really didn’t!?

At the challenge the six remaining competitors were taken to a basketball arena and had to fill each other’s tables with classic arena food- hot dogs, ice cream, cotton candy, pizza, pretzels. The person with the least calories on their table won $10,000. The guys ganged on the girls and filled their tables with a combined 30,000+ calories, not placing a single item on any man’s table. Of course not- PRIDE ON THREE! They set themselves up to win the money and Jay was offered the $10,000 cash…… or he could use it to buy a one pound pass. And he did.

Biggest Losers Mark and DanThe weigh in was incredible as those two girls took first and second place with impressive weigh ins. Mark and Dan were forced below the line. And Dan said his farewell to Biggest Loser. That kid worked his tail off and I really think did a lot of growing in his time there. I’m talking to Dan this afternoon- so if you have any pressing questions for him, throw them in the comments section before Noon CST today!! Look here tomorrow for the full interview with Dan.

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Next Week– the final 5 are headed to Australia.

Quote of the Week– “They’re repulsive to me right now,” from Jillian about the guys after their behavior in the challenge.

Cry of the Week– Dry eyes! Just really proud of Kelly and Ali this week.

DON’T FORGET- You can win Bernie’s autographed Berndana!

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rea says:

it was to bad that dan had to go home the blue team is doing so well they mess up when they where eating that pizza and hot dog and pretzel etc. they should never of done that.

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