Divorce from Britney Made me Fat, says Kevin Federline

We’ve all heard that falling in love can cause our waist lines to expand as we allow ourselves to indulge in yummy and not so healthy treats from time to time. This typically happens because in this new found bliss we become comfortable with ourselves in the company of our companion and, many times for women, end up taking on the eating habits of our partner/spouse.

It isn’t just falling and being in love that can cause weight gain, but also the unraveling of the relationship should that happen. According to an interview with Kevin Federline on the Bonnie Hunt show, he speaks to the eating habits that evolved post divorce from his famous pop star wife Britney Spears.

From consuming 12-24 cans of soda a day to becoming less active and no longer dancing as he had most of his life the pounds packed on quickly. Kevin not only had a hard time dealing with the divorce but also seeing the tumultuous times Britney herself faced that ended up on the cover of every magazine week after week.

Regardless of celebrity status or not, the loss of a person in your life through separation can have negative impacts on one’s health; and for K-Fed it took joining VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and incorporating a stricter, healthier diet to start turning his life around. With these positive changes taking place he should now have more energy to spend with his two young boys.

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