Healthy Easter Basket Stuffers for All Ages

By Jessie Gorges and Kelsey Murray

Forget the Peeps and chocolate bunnies; get your children, significant other and family members something healthy this year for Easter.

According to Dr. Kavey on, too much sugar can be a problem for children because it can lead children into lifelong obesity. “The reason that we think of it as a problem is because of the big rise in obesity in childhood, and that rise has occurred over the same time period that there’s been a major increase in the amount of simple sugar that children consume.”

Check out these healthy Easter basket treats with little to no sugar that everyone is sure to love.

Dried/fresh fruit: A great alternative to jelly beans, fruit will help conquer those sweet-tooth cravings.

Tennis shoe insoles: Runners and walkers will appreciate these. They add a few months of life to those tennis shoes that have about had it.

Sun block: Health nut or not, everyone should take skin health seriously. The stronger the SPF, the better.

Vitamins: Whether it’s an A to Z multivitamin or fish-oil supplement, giving someone these is a way to show that you care about their health.

Trail mix: Check the grams of sugar on the package. Some trail mixes are loaded with chocolate candy and are no better than a package of Snickers. Make sure you’re getting something that is truly healthy.

Energy bars: They don’t usually taste as good as a candy bar, but they’re loaded with those much-needed nutrients, making them the perfect snack before the gym or as a meal replacement.

Low-carb or sugar-free candy: Usually enjoyed by diabetics and Atkins dieters, these specialty candies will help cut down on both sugar and calories.

Fitness DVDs: Pilates, yoga or aerobics- it really doesn’t matter as long as you get your loved ones off the couch.

Pretzels: Better for you than chips, pretzels can cure those salty cravings. Goldfish crackers or Special K chips also make for a healthy snack.

Herbal teas: Find something that’s loaded with antioxidants. Look for teas containing blueberries and pomegranates.

So how much sugar should you be eating? For men, about 9 teaspoons of sugar a day is the ideal maximum; for women, it’s  a little lower at only 6 teaspoons a day. Obviously, the majority of the unhealthy Easter candies will put you over your daily sugar level. To see just how much, read our post on the Best and Worst Easter Basket Candies.

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