Melissa Joan Hart Lost 20 Pounds With Nutrisystem, Becomes New Spokeswoman

Melissa Joan Hart is about to explain it all for Nutrisystem. Hart, beloved 90’s actress, has been named the new spokeswoman for Nutrisystem. Millennials will remember her days starring in cult TV classics like “Clarissa Explains it All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” but now the writer, producer, director, singer, and mother of three is adding “brand ambassador” to her resume.

Nutrisystem, a meal delivery weight loss system, has experienced a surge in relevance in recent years. Once a staple on the QVC home shopping network, the company began selling its merchandise at Costco stores in 2024. In 2024, Nutrisystem breakfast and snack foods could be found on the shelves of Kroger grocery stores.

Nutrisystem has been widely praised as effective and affordable, so it makes sense that the company chose one of the most affable and innocuous celebrities since Lawrence Welk. Since giving birth to her third child, Hart has lost 20 pounds on the diet. In a press release, Hart said, “The program is really delivering results for me and I look forward to long term success, staying motivated and helping others do the same.”

The 40-year-old company, who welcomed its first female CEO in late 2024 in Dawn Zier, was recently dubbed the “Best Convenience Diet” by USA Toda’s The Best Diet & Fitness Tips publication. Nutrisystem calls Hart a natural fit, saying, “She mirrors our values and will resonate with our customers as authentic. Moving forward, you’ll see us have an appropriate mix of inspiring celebrities and real life customers who have also enjoyed success,” said CMO Keira Krausz.

Choosing a likable celebrity with a squeaky clean reputation was a great choice for Nutrisystem, and should only aid in solidifying their excellent reputation. We’re looking forward to seeing the other celebrities who join the Nutrisystem team, but especially those true life success stories that seem to speak the loudest.

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