Celebs Deny Baby Food Diet Use

© Paul Buck/epa/Corbis

There has been a gossip buzz lately regarding the so-called Baby Food Diet, and what Hollywood celebrities are following the diet to keep their impossibly thin figures. The highest profiled celebrity to be associated with the Baby Food Diet is Jennifer Aniston. But, the former Friends star has adamantly denied the claims.

“I’ve been asked lately, ‘Jen, what’s this baby food diet all about?'” says Aniston. “I kept thinking: That’s the strangest question ever.”

The Baby Food Cleanse, created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, entails eating 14 servings of pureed food every day, with a normal healthy dinner to cap things off. So if the diet was created by a high-profile trainer, one would think someone is doing it. It’s just not Jennifer Aniston.

“Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was 1,” she says.

One of the funnier, and ironic, people to have been rumored to be on the Baby Diet is Lady Gaga. Hey, maybe she just takes her stage name a little too seriously.

Among other Baby Food Diet deniers is Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross: “I read that (report). Where does that come from? I mean – baby food? I don’t eat baby food!”

The only baby food connection Marcia Cross has is with being a mother and her partnership with food maker Mott’s to promote healthier foods for kids.

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