Colonics for Weight Loss Not Widely Accepted

Today’s guest blog comes from Elise Crane Derby, who also writes at Elise’s Ramblings.


After almost a decade as a massage therapist I’ve seen more treatments come and go than I can keep track of. But one that has been around for practically ever is the colonic. In case you don’t know what a colonic is, it’s a treatment, much like an enema, where the lower bowel is cleaned out with water. Colonics claim to relieve all manner of ailments, everything from depression, high blood pressure, and headaches and much more.

Colonics are one of the few treatments I haven’t had done. I work with both the beauty industry (estheticians) and healing professionals (acupuncturists, massage therapists), and invariably when they are trying out new techniques they ask for guinea pigs and I am generally happy to oblige. But, as I’m sure you can imagine, I have not jumped at the offers of colonics. While I am intrigued by the claims of weight loss, and general improved health, the procedure is a bit “invasive” for my liking.

Western medicine as a whole does not seem to agree with colonic health claims. Saying that the water does not travel deep enough into the bowels to be effective. Still I know many people who swear by them, and do seem to have reaped benefits from the treatment.

I still haven’t made up my mind if I will have a colonic. With bikini season, OK who am I kidding, one piece with mom skirt season just around the corner, I’m willing to get all the help I can. But the idea of actually having the treatment is slightly less appealing than going to the gynecologist. So, I’ll leave it to each of you to make your own decision.

If you do decide to have a colonic, look for a colon hydro therapist certified by The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

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