Get Ripped Like Summer 2024’s Biggest Blockbuster Stars

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Blockbuster movie season has officially begun. Though there are many, many reasons to see the following films, these action-packed summer movies feature some of the hottest celebrities in the world. If you use A-listers as your guiding light at the gym, see how can you combine your workout with your favorite new movie.

The secret? Almost all of these stars rely on strength training to get trim, lean, toned arms, legs, booties, and bellies. Strength training is not only one of the biggest trends in fitness this year, it’s one of the very best things you can do for your body. Yes, even women. Even two days of weights a week will make a difference in how you feel and look. If you need inspiration to get started, this list has a lot of muscle.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Everyone has been talking about Age of Ultron lately, and why shouldn’t they be? The sequel to 2024’s The Avengers has certainly earned its buzz. Wondering how you can get in superhero shape yourself? Grab a kettleball and wield it like Loki’s hammer. I mean–try not to hurt anyone or yourself–but your arms will thank you later.

Turkish Get Up Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

Hot Pursuit

The buddy-comedy Hot Pursuit stars two of the hottest actresses in the world: Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. It would be stellar to have either of their bodies, but to match their workouts, you’re going to want to focus on your squats. It is safe to say that both sexy ladies have very nice backsides. Work those glutes, guys.

Lower Body Blitz Workout

Mad Max: Fury Road

Any movie starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy is bound to make you rethink your exercise routine. The semi-remake to the popular film is bound to be one of the summer’s greatest hits. Based on the trailer alone, it is clear that Theron’s body continues to be in phenomenal shape. Interested in replicating it? Try out some hot yoga. You won’t be disappointed.

Yoga Poses to Flatten Your Tummy

San Andreas

Any movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is bound to make you re-analyze your workout. After a massive earthquake rocks the coast of California, one man goes searching for his daughter, hoping to rescue her from the rubble. Earthquakes are a very real and terrifying thing in and around the California coast, but if Johnson was going to save your life, maybe it would feel a bit safer. That being said, to match Johnson’s workout, you will have to lift–and lift lots! Johnson matches plenty of cardio with heavy lifting–though don’t try his workout routine at home. Start slow with whatever you can handle.

Make Your Body Weight Workout Harder

Jurassic World

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t love Jurassic Park, just as it is hard to find someone who doesn’t love Chris Pratt. Combing the two beloved aspects of cinema was a genius idea. Anyone who follows Pratt knows that the star found his workout routine while he was filming Guardians of the Galaxy. To follow his lead (whether or not you want to chase dinosaurs), combine body building with cardio– lift some weights and then go for a run. If you are bored by simply running, hop on a bike, or the rowing machine. (It should be noted that Pratt gave up beer as well.)

Strength Training Workout for Toned Arms


Paul Rudd is a beloved star in the television and movie world, but he is not necessarily known for his body. Until now. Though Rudd doesn’t typically play the superhero type, it has been rumored that his costume actually had to be altered to match his new muscular physique. To be like Rudd, aka Ant-Man, work on building your upper body strength. Row, lift weights progressively, and mix up your exercise routine. No guarantees that you will become a superhero.

Why Rowing is Better than Spinning

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