New Mom Ivanka Trump Shares Her Secrets to Dropping the Baby Weight

This month Ivanka Trump graces the cover of the Shape magazine, showing off her slim and strong post-baby body. Trump has lost about thirty pounds since having her second baby, which is a photo-worthy accomplishment. (The Shape cover was taken just a few months after Trump’s baby was born.) So how did she do it?


Trump discussed a few of her key moves, including how she fits workouts into her busy life as a mother, with the magazine: “I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, or when I’m on a phone call I’ll do squats or pace the room when I’m talking,” she saidd. Trump also said that she eats a lot healthier since becoming a mother, focusing on lean proteins instead of pasta and pizza.

But Trump isn’t the only celebrity mom to recently revel in her new post-baby body. Several stars are talking about losing the baby weight. Here are two more of our favorite moms who have recently made headlines:

“Clarissa”, aka Melissa Joan Hart, started her new role as spokesperson for Nutrisystem a few months after she gave birth to her third child. Since joining Nutrisystem, Hart has lost 40 pounds; she recently shared her tips recently on Good Morning America and donned a swimsuit for the weight loss company’s latest round of commercials. The secret to Hart’s success: she watches portions and focuses on living an active lifestyle. And she looks awesome for it.

Alicia Silverstone, everyone’s favorite valley girl from the 90s, has certainly grown up. Silverstone has a new book out called “The Kind Mama,” in which she discusses everything from fertility to health. Though there are certainly plenty of pieces in Silverstone’s book that I don’t agree with, Silverstone’s lifestyle appears to be quite healthy. At least some of her baby weight loss can be credited to her vegan lifestyle.

Of course, what we really love about these ladies is the way they love their not-quite-the-same shapes after having kiddos and their seemingly endless stores of energy. Go mamas! Keep up the great work!

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