Tim Gunn Hosts Makeover Week in the Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Episode 18

Well, well, well. Looks like that much anticipated time is here. Makeover week!!! All those months of blood, sweat and tears as well as the wear and tear your body goes through are rewarded with just a bit of pampering. The guys may not want to admit it, but it’s just as special for them as it is for the girls. I know my beard was getting to the point where I was about ten days away from leading prayer and was dying to shave it off. My hair was also getting a wee bit feathery for my liking. Let’s see what magic the “Fairy Godfather” Tim Gunn will bestow upon the cast!

Armed with three wishes, the first Tim grants is the makeover itself. He finds some nice outfits for everyone to wear and also sends them to Ken Paves to style them up. Ken did a great job with my bird’s nest and ‘do and looks like he’ll do the same for this lucky five. This is where the troubles begin, however. With all this attention, there is VERY little time to work out. This is the time when I started to get worried at the ranch. I had the mentality that if I don’t work out, I go home. How will this affect the contestants?

The unveiling of everyone’s makeovers is done in the stunning setting of a castle with everyone pulling up in a horse and buggy one by one. This is also where Tim grants his second wish: Family members brought to see their loved ones!

Hannah is the first one out. She is wearing a stunning dress and she’s BLOND! I don’t think anyone expected that. Her father, Keith, was waiting for her in tears, much the same way my father got choked up when I got home from the ranch.

Olivia is up next, and looks fabulous as well with her new short hair. Her husband, Ben, is there to greet her with his own little journey of a 99-pound weight loss! It’s as though they are meeting each other for the first time all over again.

Austin is third and it looks like Ken did a great job of taming his mane, but more importantly he is walking with a confidence and swagger which his mother notices right away.

Irene is shocked with how everything is coming together for her. She says she used to dream of being a princess when she was younger and somehow lost that yearning until now when she sees she deserves it, as does her mother, Ana, who looks incredible as well! She honored her promise to complete her journey at home.

Jay comes out last looking very refined and polished and quite the dapper gentleman. He is greeted by his son, Matthew, who himself had lost significant weight several years ago and is so happy his father has finally been able to do the same.

The emotional, but very happy bunch, is then treated to a private concert by One Republic!

So, they’ve been on the ranch for five months – when are they going to have a car challenge already?! Oh yeah, RIGHT NOW!!! All they have to do is find a key in these little Mazda shaped sand castles and see if they fit in the car. However, the car is a quarter mile down the pier! So what does Biggest Loser do? Give ‘em a chance at TWO cars. Irene slams home a victory on her second attempt and just gets to hang out for another hour and a half as everyone else is finding their luck not up to her level. It comes down to the last two keys and Olivia ends up snagging herself the second car!

The last chance workout looks like the ONLY chance workout as the trainers stress how little time they had to train this week, so they have to make it count. Sweat is pouring off everyone as this workout transitions to the weigh in. What numbers will abound?

Hannah is first to go and pulls off a two. It’s late in the game and the numbers will be smaller, so we’ll see how it holds up. Jay only gets a three. Austin steps up there and slams a seven, ensuring his spot in the final four. Irene grabs herself a two, which makes her safe as well. Now Olivia is in a precarious situation. She is one pound away from 100, and she promised if she hit it on the scale she would sing. But this weigh-in also determines if she falls below the line with Jay, or her sister does. She drops a huge four making herself safe and sings so beautifully it even brings Bob to tears.

Now who is going to go home between Hannah and Jay? Hold on a second. Didn’t Tim Gunn declare that he had THREE wishes to grant? What happened to that third wish? He magically appears and makes the yellow line disappear! No one goes home this week! It seems as though Jay has nine lives! The cat didn’t get that bird! Who knows what will happen next week with all the insanity that is the Biggest Loser. Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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