Baywatch Bodies Still Banging 20 Years Later

David Hasselhoff, famous for talking to a car and running on a beach, is 60-years old and has never looked better. OK, that’s not entirely true, but the actor/German pop star looks pretty svelte for a senior citizen.

pam and hoff

Hasselhoff had a resurgence of fame in the late aughts when a series of drunken scandals landed him in the news. But today, the Hoff has cleaned up his act and is riding the health wave. A long time exercise fanatic, Hasselhoff has sworn off alcohol and adopted a balanced diet and lifestyle.

In an interview with The Daily Meal, Hasselhoff said that his usual breakfast is chock full of fruit, along with a more conventional breakfast. He described, “Three poached eggs, wheat toast and sliced tomatoes,” as typical. “On Sundays, I splurge and enjoy bagels, lox and cream cheese, capers, onions, and tomatoes,” he said. The Hoff also admitted that if he ever craves a snack, carrot sticks, mushrooms, and celery are his staples. For dinner, it’s all about grilled chicken, fish, and sauceless pasta for Hasselhoff, who also drains five quarts of water a day.

Hasselhoff’s early afternoon power nap gives him the energy for his daily workout, which helps ease anxiety and stress.

Hoff isn’t the only ex-Baywatch star aging gracefully. Pamela Anderson, who rose to fame at age 21 when cast as C.J. Parker in Baywatch, is now 45 and looking better than ever. A recent swimsuit pictorial in Vogue Brazil shows Anderson can still rock a swimsuit on the beach, and diet and lifestyle changes are the reason.

A long time vegetarian, Anderson recently adopted a vegan diet, swore off alcohol, and regularly hits the gym to keep her body tight. She doesn’t do it all for show, her health problems require special attention. In 2022, she announced, “I have Hepatitis C and I feel great, which I think has a lot to do with my diet.”

Hasselhoff and Anderson once lived lives of excess and their health declined as a result. And while they were cornerstones of one of the goofiest television shows of all time, their renewed dedication to health and wellness is no laughing matter. In fact, anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better should mirror their moderate lifestyles. If ever there is a reunion show, I expect Hasselhoff and Anderson will have no problem squeezing into red Speedos and saving lives in “Baywatch: AARP.”

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