Getting and Keeping Kids Healthy in the Summer

kids-playingKendra is a guest blogger for the special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Kendra is Headless Mom and writes about her life with her husband and three kids at The Adventures of The Headless Family. She is glad her head is attached because otherwise she might lose it!

We’ve all read the statistics on childhood obesity- according to the CDC over 16% of children age 6-19 years old are overweight, that number having tripled since 1980. Summer is the perfect time to change our children’s eating and exercise habits for the better. We have 3 months to do it.


Summer is the perfect time to get moving. Kids should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Swimming is a great way to beat the heat. Running and walking on the beach and through the surf burns more calories than just walking down your block. Most cities have great bicycle trails and you’d be surprised at how far your kids can go on a bike. I also like to try new things in the summer when there is no pressure of school or other sports. Look into your local recreation center for classes on rock climbing, dance; the sky is the limit! Many private studios for martial arts or gymnastics will let your kids attend a free class to see if they are interested. Take advantage of the extra free hours this summer and get out there!

fruit saladEating

Summer just asks for healthy food, doesn’t it? Summer fruits are a Headless household favorite- melons, berries, and fleshy fruits rule. Keep a cut fruit salad in the fridge for all day snacking and the kids will come back often. Get your kids to rely on these healthy snacks and then when school resumes in the fall they will ask for them again and again. Salads are great for getting more veggies into their diet and there are a thousand different varieties out there for every set of taste buds. Try Mexican, Thai, anything that your child already likes can work. In the heat of the summer lighter meals are all you need to feel full after after a full day.

Other Safety Tips

Don’t forget the sunscreen, wear protective equipment when required, drink plenty of water, and have the greatest, healthiest summer ever!

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Great post, Headless Mom.

Kyooty says:

Great post! I’m excited to read you here. What a great post. We took our kids out yesterday and realized we forgot the sunscreen, I made the Hubbie head for the grocerystore, I said we’ll be out enough and the boys will definitely be sweating it off!

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