Jason Segel Finds Weight Loss Inspiration in an Embarrassing Photo

We all know that there’s an epidemic of obesity in this country. What’s it going to take to inspire Americans to make the necessary changes to live healthy? Will it be another report about the real dangers extra weight presents? Will parents be inspired to change for the sake of their kids? Or will it come when your pants split open in public because you can’t fit into them anymore?

Recently, actor Jason Segel found his inspiration. The actor was photographed passed out with his gut hanging out and covered in Taco Bell wrappers. Yep, that ought to do it!

Segel described the photo that his assistant took as his lowest point and has since dropped 25 pounds. Through good old-fashioned diet and exercise, Segel made the necessary change that so many of us need to make as well.

It is noble when one loses weight for their family, or when one works with their fiance to shape up before the big wedding day, we’re often impressed. Would we be less impressed if a long struggle with weight ended because someone was embarrassed they couldn’t fit in a seat? Or what if the victory tale began with a story of an honest child, publicly pointing out one’s large size. Surely we’ve all had the “THAT’S IT!!!” moment when even the fat pants don’t slide on with ease.

Inspiration can obviously come from anywhere and if the end result is a little embarrassment but a whole lot of lifestyle change, maybe our real friends should start snapping photos of us. Not the posed ones where we’re sucking in and standing in our “skinny pose” but the one where our muffin top is hanging out or our coin slot is peeking over the skinny jeans.

Via: NYDailyNews

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