Jennifer Aniston’s Smart Water Photo Shoot Secrets

Jennifer Aniston Smart Water AdSuperstar Jennifer Aniston is showing a lot of skin in her latest Smart Water ad campaign. The blue Smart Water logo may be the only color in this image, but that doesn’t distract from Aniston’s toned body. She seems to always look great, but how does she do it? At the end of the day, her healthy lifestyle is pretty simple, and consists of things that anyone can do.


Aniston believes in what she’s promoting. “I drink 100 ounces of Smart Water every day,” she says. That’s about 12.5 cups of water per day. Getting plenty of water not only helps you stay hydrated while working out, it can also help you feel full when you drink enough with a meal.


Beauty sleep is a real thing! “I always try to sleep for at least eight hours a night,” says Aniston. Not getting enough rest at night can stress your body and trigger feelings of hunger, which is not good for staying slim.

Simple Food

Aniston doesn’t really love to cook, but she does enjoy eating simple, fresh foods. She makes herself Greek salads, healthy vegetable soups, lean steaks and plenty of grilled vegetables.

Yoga and Cardio

When it comes to working out, it’s no secret that Aniston loves yoga. But she also does short bursts of cardio to round out her fitness routine. She prefers cycling and running.

Via Shape.

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